Remeber back in elemetary school when we got balloons and put our name and school on them and then let them go and waited to see where they went? My kids have been dying to do this, so we got some heavy duty balloons, put our email address on them and then let them fly. Noah thinks that his is going to Mexico. Its will be fun to see if anyone responds.
Somebody didnt want to let his go.
(If you look real close, you can see the other balloons in the sky.)


Being silly with the cousins. Uncle Curtis still thinks he's funny!!
Grandma ALWAYS has the magic touch.

We love when Stacy and her family come visit. We miss them so much.
Sweet Jonas loves sunny D. I dont think he put that bottle down the entire time.
All the cousins (minus Jacob and Tyler). We have so much fun together!!
Stacy and her family came to visit for a week since school is out and we will use any excuse to get together.


Is it really summer already? On the one side, I love summer because we dont have to be anywhere at any certain time but then there is that side of the crazy kids syndrome and it has already started. "Im bored," I wanna go somewhere," Im hot." This month will definatley be interesting trying to pack the house and entertain the kids. Thank goodness for cheap walmart swimming pools, hoses, waterguns, video games, the museum and High School Musical. I love everything about summer here because I had such a fun childhood and it always reminds me of those times. Its sad that things cant be that way in these times. Running from house to house, going to Newberrys, staying in my swimsuit ALL DAY, playing kick the can and werewolf at night. Such good times. I guess all we can do is to create new memories and make the summer just as fun for them but in different ways.I always think that they have to do the same things I did or it isnt fun, but they dont know any different, its fun for them. Heres to a great, hot, summer!!!!

I just loved Lani's teacher, Mrs. Bybee, she was fun and she made the experience of starting school fun!!!
Noah also had an awesome teacher, Mrs. Watkins. She was always positive and patient, which was helpful =) Thanks for making school fun!

The last day of school. Lani did the cutest performance to "under the sea" in her school talent show. It was her first performance and she did awesome.

Before school on the last day. They are growing so fast.



I am just so excited for Jordin. I thought she totally deserved it. I cant believe she is only 17. She is going to have one heck of a career. I have to give some love for Blake because that little beatbox number was freakin awesome. I liked Blake from the begining because of his unique talent and I think he will go a long way. I really did not like the song they picked for the cheezy last moment. The tune was all off. I thought they could have picked a way better song. Isnt it funny how long the show was. They just kept cramming in all the old idols and the top 12 from this year. The funniest thing is that if someone recorded this on tivo, they totally missed the last part. It went over so long that the recorder stoped right before the announcement. That kills me. At the begining of the show when all the guys dressed up in white and sang those songs, tyson came in and was crying about something and he was in mid cry when he looked at the tv and saw Sanjaya. He totally started cracking up and ran out to tell the other kids that Sanjaya was on tv. I think he made this year. He mad it more interesting to watch. We were laughing so hard when he sang that song and that crazy little Jan Brady girl was crying again. Its sad that he thinks hes good. Oh my heck, I think the best part of the night was the award for best buddies. That guy who looks like a monkey is the all time funniest. "Simon, if you hadnt said what you said, I wouldnt be where im at." Classic. Do you think they know they are a joke? Its really hard to tell. All in all, it was a good show and Im so happy for Jordin. Hey, where was Fantasia????


I love when this happens.

This weekend has been such a crazy, busy weekend. Bill has been camping at the Grand Canyon with some law school friends and we have been running crazy. Caleb has missed his naps the past 2 days, and I think it finally caught up with him. My mother in law and my sister in laws were so nice and they took my 3 oldest to see Shrek 3. The house was so quiet and peaceful, I didnt know what to do with myself. (actually I cleaned-whats new?) I made lunch for scrubs(nickname) and I sat down to feed Avery and after about 10 minutes I noticed how quiet it was. I turned around and he was out. I was cracking up. I guess he didnt know what to do either. I dont think he has ever experienced quiet before.=)


I love summer fruit. To me summer means lots and lots of watermelon. This was a huge watermelon and its already gone. These kids have been eating and eating. Its awesome. I love this picture of Caleb, he reminds us of pigpen. He is ALWAYS dirty. We clean him up, and 2 minutes later he is dirty again. Its so funny.

LOVE IT!!!!!!

I was at Costa Vida about a month ago, and I saw this girl with a baby the same age as Avery and she had this little seat sitting on top of the table and the baby sat right in it and I thought it was the coolest thing. I went over and asked her what it was and where she got it. Since then I have seen it everywhere. The girl said that she got it at Target and that they are hard to find because they are so popular. I was at Walmart the other day and they carry them too. Avery loves it because she loves to look at what is going on. She is still working on holding her head up by herself, but this thing holds her back so its easy for her to hold her head up. I love it, I love it!!!!

Family Fun

One of our favorite things to do as a family is going to the museum. The kids love the dinousaur exhibit and the outside panning for gold. This is one thing that we will definatly miss. And look who we found rotting away in jail? I guess we'll take them home, they are kinda cute!!!


You gotta love em'

Oh, the beast that is the clogged toilet. We get it fixed, and it clogs again. So this time my husband decided to fix it himself instead of paying $80 or more to have a plumber come out. We bought a snake at home depot for $13 and Bill went to work. When nothing was happening, he decided to rip the toilet up. So after doing that and getting himself covered in who knows what, he figures that the clog is in the toilet and not in the hole in the ground. After some crafty manuvering, the snake reaches the clog and wouldnt you know it, it was a christmas bow. That just shows ya how long the toilets been semi-cloged. Bill thinks there is another clog and goes in again, but soon realizes, after dumping the contents of the toilet on the floor, that its all clear. After turning the toilet back over, out falls a toothbrush. It seems that our little Caleb loves to watch things go down the toilet. This adds to a lovely collection of cars, baby wipes, and balls. Thanks Bill for saving us some money and doing an awesome job and thanks Caleb for always giving us something to clean up!!!


The BEST thing EVER

I just have to say, AGAIN, how much I love my camera. The Cannon Rebel, consumer reports best buy, is the greatest thing EVER. I totally think that im a pro now because I read the owners manual, but thats ok because I really think I am. =) My poor kids never get a break, im always pulling them outside trying different things. I posted some new pictures that I like to call PORTRAITS. My kids love to pose it up. (ps, I really recommend this camera. Its worth every penny. I will never go to a studio again.)

Yes, that is permanent marker on his neck!!

I love these pictures of Lani because they really capture her sweetness.

Noah really loves to smile. I can see it now, this is going to be his "Hard" football picture face.
I just love Noahs bright blue eyes.

So innocent...yea right. This is our daddys boy.

Hey, what are you lookin at?

Caleb is all personality. He did this pose himself. Thats why we call him "scruba"

HI DAD!!!!

Oh to sleep like a baby. Bill has been gone this week and Avery has been livin it up on his side of the bed. I dont think she has ever slept this good. Thats why we call her our little princess.



Just when you think you have it all figured out....I am still a blogging idiot. I had some serious issues with that last post and I thought I had it all cleared up until I posted and saw that it was still a jumbled mess. Sorry!! Here are some more new camera pictures. I just love my kids so much that I could take pictures of them all day.

Im so sweet!!!


I am beyond excited!!! I got the camera of my dreams and I cant stop taking pictures. I think I found my new hobby. I dont think there is anything better than having way to many pictures of your kids. This is the best present EVER!!! Thanks babe. (and mom and dad!!) Here are some of the many pictures I have taken in the last 24 hours.



So long, Farwell..

Its official, our house is finally up for sale after like a year of saying we were going to move. We are moving to Utah in about 3 weeks, once school is out. We are soooooo sad to go and leave our family and all the neices and nephews and new babies coming soon, but we are also so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. We dont plan on becoming permanent Utah residents, so we will be back hopefully in about 5 years or so. I hate the snow and the cold, but Im sure I will learn to enjoy having 4 seasons. The kids are excited to move but sad to leave our dog Linkin behind, but we know Uncle Dave will take good care of him and we can visit him when we come to town. If any one is looking for a great starter home in an awesome gated community, then give me a call.