Better late than never!!!

It has been such a crazy week since we got home from Arizona. We came home Sat. night and by Sunday night Bill and I were both feeling yucky. By Monday I had the full blown flu, Tuesday, I couldnt even get up and by Wednesday, I started feeling better. Luckily, Bill felt better by Monday so he was able to take good care of me. Im now caught up on housework and laundry and its time for blogging!!!

We left on Saturday for Arizona-we had been counting down the seconds for this trip. We hadent been home since Feb. and it was long overdue. The week before we left, Lani and Noah both got strep and Caleb had a sinus infection. I was glad it happened before we left so we wouldnt get sick on our trip. When I took them to the doctor, I had Tyson tested too, just in case. His test came back negative. On our way down to AZ, his doctor called and said she had sent in his culture for more testing and it came back positive for strep-so she called in a prescription that we picked up on the way in. The day after we got there, lani started complaining that her throat hurt again-yikes. So, Lani and Tyson shared the medicine and both felt better after a day. My paretns were loving having us stay with them-as if the strep wasnt enough-after we ate dinner the night we got there, I gave Avery a bath. I forgot her diaper so I ran upstairs to get it and by the time I got back down, she had pooped on the carpet, steped in it and walk all over the air mattress sheets and carpet. When I put her down for bed, she was not having the port-a-crib, so she cried so hard she threw up everywhere. It was a GREAT start!!!
By Monday, we were feeling better and waiting for Stacy and her Family to arrive. We all stayed at my parents house-it was a crazy house-FUN-but crazy.
The first thing Noah did was build a sand castle and he was so proud that he wanted a picture for the blog-so here it is!!!

I also took care of buisness, first things first-we headed off to Neds crazy sub. It had been way too long. Yum is all I can say.
Monday night we had a family night and EVERYONE was there. It had been a long time since we we have been able to all be together. Jackie did a fabulous lesson about being grateful and it was a hit with the kids. She is so creative.

She also had a fabulous, sassy new hair cut!!!

We ended the night with a little Rock Band. Trent thinks he is a pro because he works at Fender Guitar and they play for hours like everyday. Im pretty sure he hates working there-its a tough life for Trent.

I even joined in the action. Not so good.

Lani and Noah took a turn too. Not so many kid friendly songs-when doen Rock Band for kids come out?? Notice Noah the big cheater-he had Bill pushing down the foot part. My parents made a mad dash for their room-I think it was a little too loud and not quite their taste in music.

On Tuesday night, we had a fun talent night with the Lomu Family. Mary and Selle had us over at their house for some mean BBQ. Of course I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures of the fun night, but we had smores around the fire pit, and a fun talent show by all the kids. Noah did some magic tricks, Lani baked some brownies-she is a pretty good little chef, Tyson and Caleb named all of the NFL football teams (Such a talent), Jake and Jonah did some karate, Claire sang a song, Drew did some sign language and then the kids danced the night away. It was such a fun night.
On Wednesday, I did a few more haircuts. Tyson decided he wanted one too-he wanted to be completely bald. We compromised with a mohawk.

He has that awesome cowlick on the crown of his head, but it still looked awesome and he thinks he is just the coolest!

Thanksgiving was so fun with all the family and food. We went to Bills family Thanksgiving first and then headed over to mine. I was stuffed. I even fit a nap in there somewhere. Later that night, I took Stacys family pictures. We should have done it earlier, but it was raining-so we did what we could and they turned out really cute.
When we were done, the kids decided to have a little chicken fight

Im not sure anyone won.

Coming home is the worst part. This drive was pure Hell. I think Avery cried most of the way, Noah and I both were super car sick and the kids were just cranky and ready to be done. I had never been so happy than when we pulled into the drive way. We fed the kids a delicious mac and cheese dinner, did some baths and went to bed. Heaven.
We had so much fun and loved seeing all our family. It always takes me a few days to get over leaving. Im not saying I hate Utah, but I really miss being home.
Tyson loves to dress up and he got Bills hunting clothes on so he could be a "camo fighter". Someone wants to be just like his dad!!

Noah got this great idea...

came downstairs and scared the crap out of Bill. It was pretty funny.

On Sunday, before I got sick, we got out the tree. Its so much fun to have so many helpers..especially this one!

And this one.

This is Averys favorite thing to do, everyday. My tree looks great!!!