First Day of School!!

The hoopla of back to school time has finally died down. The new clothes have been put away and outfits have been chosen for the first 3 days of school. All the school supplies have been sent to school and off my table! The shoe boxes and store bags have all been disposed of and we are finally feeling some sort of routine, even only after 2 days. It feels like summer is just a memory. It makes me sad that summer came and went so dang fast. We didnt really accomplish much, our summer goals flew out the window the third week of summer. It was just a lazy summer and I loved every second of it. This was the first time I havent really looked foward to my kids going back to school. I was actually kind of sad to see summer go.
But now that they are back in school and I have no kids for 2 1/2 hours every day, I must admit that I am really glad they are back in school! =)

The night before school started was back to school night. Having to go to 6 classrooms to meet 6 different teachers and fill out 6 different sets of paper work is an absolute nightmare. I think I dread this night more than anything.
Oh well, at least the kids looked cute!

This is Averys first year going to preschool. She was so excited! Its all she talked about all summer!


Trying to get a good smile out of Avery these days is like pulling teeth

Even trying to make her laugh doesnt work.

Caleb has been going to half day/everyday preschool for the last 2 years so he was so ready to go back to school all day!

These two are buds! They asked me to take pictures of them together because they thought they looked so cool. Tyson told me that he wished they were in the same class so that he could show Caleb how to do things in school and show him where to go to eat lunch. Awww!!

Tyson-the BIG 2nd grader

Lani Lou- 4th grade
(I love the Paris Hilton pose)

Noah-the big man on campus...6th grade

Noah, who could care less about fashion in any sense, actually had an opinion this year on what he wanted to wear on the first day. He said that he didnt like the outfit I had picked out for him...What?? I guess I should be happy he had an opinion at all-even if my outfit was way cooler =). Hes lucky hes so handsome!!

The whole crew ready for their first day!!
How in the world is this day already here? All 5 of my kids in school. Craziness!!

After the kids had left for school, we had a few minutes before the bus came. Av's was so excited but so nervous!

This is the exact moment that she saw the bus turning onto the street. I was so excited to see that she was truely excited. I was a little worried that she would get scared and not want to go. What a tough little monkey!

Daddy was there to help his princess on the bus for the very first time

And so starts the next sequence of pictures...
Once Avery got up close and personal to that bus, she realized how scary it was and she didnt want to go. She let go of Bills hand and ran to me. I gave the camera to Bill and tried to calm her down so she would get on the bus
That total fear in her eyes just killed me

I talked to her and told her that I was going to be in my car following that bus and that I would be there when she got off. She finally let go of me and walked up the stairs...still screaming!
That poor bus driver was so sweet and he took her hand and helped her up

Such a brave little girl!!

She actually did it!! Tears and all!

I was there when she got off the bus and we walked to her classroom and found her cubby

She found her table and her name and she was set and happy as could be!

And here she is after her first day of school!!

I cant believe she actually did it!!
And all with a smile on her face. She was so happy and couldnt wait to go back this morning!

Its gonna be a great year!!