This is Noahs first year of tackel football. Last year he did flag football, but he wasnt really interested in it and it was painful to watch.
They do not mess around here. His practices were 6 days a week for 2 hours each day. They said that the practices would be cut in half when school started and I was looking foward to a break. Apparently, not having pratice for one day was cutting it in half. He gets Tuesdays off. Its crazy. I really dont know how people do it with more than one kid in an extra-ciricular activity. I only have one and im going nuts. He gets home from school at 4 and goes to practice at 6 and gets home at 8:15. I feel for the poor kid, but I must admit it has been good for him. They work those boys like crazy, but its exercise that he needs so its good. Its also been good because he has to focus or he gets knocked on his bum.
So handsome!
He doesnt really have a definate position, but they started him on his first scrimmage.
The kickoff...
And their off!!!

Thats Noah on the ground. He didnt start off too well, but after he got knocked around, he got his head in the game. (I love that line)

These kids had fun on the sidelines. Monkey Tyson was trying to be the ball going through the goal post.
Future football players.
Tyson wants to play so bad. He goes to Noahs practices and runs sprints with the team. He can start tackle next year-im not so sure about that one.
Look at that form!!

Noah is #86. He had some pretty good plays this game. He broke right through the line and almost sacked the guy.

(the yellow hats are the opposition. For some reason they made all Lehi teams have the same jersy)

I love this picture of Noah. He looks so big. How many more years do I have of this??
Noah played his first real game this last Saturday. He plays on the defense and when he pays attention, he actually plays pretty well. Their team won by 14 points!!

This is how Lani passes the time. This girl can make friends with anyone, anywhere.
Our future meal tickets!!!
Every Saturday from now until Novemeber 1st... looks like we are homebound until Thanksgiving. Oh the things we do for our kids!!

First Day of School!!

I dont think im excited enough that school has started. Noah is in 4th and Lani in 2nd. What makes it even better is that school doesnt start until 9:15. Its awesome. The one thing Iusually dread is getting up so early to get them off to school. Its amazing how much better our mornings are. I am definatly not a morning person, neither are my kids.
The kids got great teachers and I really love the school. Its in a great school district and I think it will be a great year!
(Tyson also started Kindergarden-but he started a week later, so I will do a seperate post)

This is the first year Lani has shown any interest in her clothes and backpack. It was actually fun to shop with her this year. She of course picked Hannah Montana, but she didnt want a backpack, it had to be one she could carry on her shoulder. Lani loves dresses-she would wear one every single day. When she saw this dress she flipped and had to have it for the first day.
Its always hard to hand over some of the control to your kids, but I have learned to pick my battles. I wanted to put a cute flower bow and curl her hair-she wanted it straight down. She is a lot like me-I hate to say it. I now know why my mom would get so frusterated with me while doing my hair-I wanted it plain, she wanted the curls. Sorry Mom!!

Noah on the other hand could have worn his pj's and not known the difference. He could care less.

Such cute kids!!!

I followed the bus to school to make sure they got to their classrooms OK. Lani found a friend-what a suprise!!

How old is too old to be walking your kid to class? High School? Is that a bit much??

YEA for a new school year!!

Fun at the Farm

I think for today my computer just might cooperate enough for me to finally post some pictures.
We had a fun last week before school started. On Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point is $2 day and who doesnt love a bargain...So we headed over to the farm. It was CRAZY. I think every stay at home mom with a stroller was there. Since we had nothing else to do, we waited in line for about a half hour and then finally got in. The second we made it in, the kids were gone. It was maddness. Strollers galore. I could hardly make it through the door.

I just love these fun, crazy kids!! Its a rare moment that I can get them to sit still for a second.

This cow was pretty real-utters and all. Tyson was all about the hands on experience.

Caleb was so cute with Avery. He made sure that she wasnt scared of the crazy goats. He is the most over-protective brother.

There were so many kids there and the goats were in a crazy feeding frenzy. This one particular goat tried to jump over the fence-Im pretty sure he had had enough.

I tried so hard to get a cute picture of Caleb on this fence with his "towboy" hat. The dang child wouldnt get his hand of his junk. I took about 5 pictures all with his hand in the magic spot.

In the depths of my purse, I managed to scrounge up a couple quarters and the kids were able to feed the ducks. I think they stayed in this spot for about 30 minutes. Even Avery got a piece of the action.

I just love these little moments when the kids have no idea they are being watched and they do these little acts of kindness to eachother. Noah is a boy who is often in his own world and pays no attention to anyone around him. I just thought it was so cute that he was helping his baby sister because there were too many kids around and she was getting overwhelmed. I dont think I will ever have to worry about Avery-she has 3 older brothers who watch her every move. I wish I could say the same about Lani, but sadly she could beat the snot out of anyone who messes with her.

Andrea and the kids met up with us a little later-so we made one more round of feeding the goats.
The kids wanted to ride the pony's, but the line was way too long for me, so we took the horse and buggy ride and that was just as fun (the kids didnt think so)

All in all, it was a fun day.

We also went to the Seven Peaks water park for a day and had way too much fun. We packed our own lunch and snacks and had our own little cabana. The Bill and I took turns with the little kids and doing the big slides with the big kids. Noah talked me into a slide the pretty much went straight up and down. I thought I was going to die. I had the worst snuggie when it was over. It was a good thing no one was at the bottom of the slide or they would have had quite a show. Avery is such a fish and she loved the wave pool. She would just sit in the water and let the water come to her. She was in heaven. Tyson and Caleb thought they were so big and could swim because they had life jackets on. Tyson was so big trying out the "kid" waterslides. My kids are now a nice shade of brown and me... a nice lobster red, thanks to the sunscreen that happened to be very, very, expired.
Now school has started and its been great. Pictures to come!!!



Im sorry, but my computer is having issues again-whats new, right? I will try and get those pictures up tomorrow. Hopefully. Love you


The Final Countdown

Its officially the start of the last week before school. The backpacks are hanging up in their bedrooms ready to go, most of the supplies have been purchased and the first day of school outfits have been picked. All that stands in our way is 7 long days. Considering my kids summer vacation consisted of us moving and mom having a nervous breakdown, I feel that I owe them somewhat of a fun last week. So... what do you do when you cant go anywhere overnight (thanks to Noah and football) and when you only have one car that your husband has most the day? Thats a good question because I dont know. I really want this to be a fun time for the kids because they have been so patient and actually pretty good-but im pretty limited. Im such a sad mom because while im thinking of things to do, im also thinking of everything that I need to do before school starts and all the laundry that im behind on and... you get the picture. I dread doing anything alone with all 5 kids because Avery has surly entered the terrible two's way before shes 2. What a surprise!!

But..I must.

I must put it all behind and sacrafice for the sake of my kids. If i still lived in Arizona then this wouldnt be an issue because they would have been swimming all summer and I know that they would have totally been ok with that. Im such an Arizona girl-and so are they- and we havent yet felt at home here. We try-we really do, were just not very successful.
So I am mentally preparing myself for a selfless week. I will not care that nothing is getting done, I will not focus on the mess, I will not pay attention to the fits of the princess because she isnt the center of attention, I will let the kids eat what they want for lunch and I WILL be the fun parent for a change.

Im ready.

Bring it on!!!



for all the new posts. Im not sure why the order went all wierd, but just ignore.


Tagged, I guess Im it!!!

Alrighty Christina-you win. Apparantly Ive been tagged. Im the most boring person on the earth, but whatever. Ill do it just to make you happy!!

The Five

Ten Years Ago...

1. I was a newlywed

2. Just about to start Beauty School

3. 1 month away from being pregnant

4. Living with my parents (Yikes!!)

5. Bill and I went to Disneyland and stayed in the crapiest, cheapest motel ever!! Good times.

Five Things on Todays "To Do" List

1. Laundry-wash and put away

2. School shopping

3. Finish my blog post from the last few crazy months

4. Watch the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance (so sad its over)

5. Sleep

Five Snacks I enjoy

1. Popcorn

2. Cookies

3. POP (is that a snack??)

4. crackers (im all about the carbs)

5. Purple grapes

Five Things I would Do if I was a Millionaire

1. GIVE GIVE and GIVE some more

2. Pay off student loans

3. Throw every single piece of furniture in the trash and start all over

4. Take a cruise around the world

5. Buy a cabin/beach house/lake house big enough for everyone to stay(thats pretty big)

Five Places I have Lived

1. Mesa, Arizona

2. Moscow, Idaho

3. Park City, Utah

4. Lehi, Utah

5. Thats it!!!

Alrighty then, I tag Andrea, Rachel, Julie, Britney, and Jackie


Just a few random pics of our daily happenings.

These two are constantly fighting over this little princesses attention...

And she knows it!!!

I love how this kid can fall asleep at any given moment, ANYWHERE, and in any position.
(Ignore the thrashed arm rest. A note of advice... microfiber is not good with kids-they tell you it is, but dont believe the hype. If you have to keep scrubbing it to clean off various marks, like me, then it completly takes off the finish. )

The kids found this little gift the other day when they noticed lots of bees flying around our door. This is the light right outside our house. Tyson is deathly afraid of bees and wasps and its taken a lot of convincing to get him to go outside again. Bill sprayed it and killed it, and then the next day we noticed a nice big wasps nest at the top of our house. Its great.