It seems like forever since I have updated. I cant believe how busy it has been and any down time i have, im just too tired to care much about blogging (Shocker). A couple weeks ago, my sister and her family came all the way from Texas to visit. They almost didnt make it due to a super storm that knocked out their power for a day and rained huge hail that cracked their roof and dented their car, but being the loyal sister that she is, they came anyway.
It was such a short trip so we had to cram in as much as we could. We went to the church museum, then headed downtown to the Gateway and ate Costa Vida (yum). It was already late so we went home and watched the new "Office" and the kids watched a movie, had dessert, ate popcorn and then hit the sack.
The next day, Stacy and I went shopping and the hubbys took the kids to the pioneer trail that is just outside our neighborhood. We met for lunch at this cute little pizza place on Main St.

I think Avery liked it the most!! (She loves straws)

After lunch we waited for the trolley to take us for a ride up and down Main St., but sadly it never showed. of course.

But... the kids had fun beating up this bear statue instead.

We went back home to hang out, relax, and make dinner. The kids played outside while we stayed warm inside. Julia loved the snow (what was left of it)

So what do you get when the snow melts?? Mud, mud and more mud. Before I could say a word, it was already too late so I just let them enjoy it. Stacy on the other hand threatend her kids lives if they even came close to the mud.

This little jungle woman wanted in on the fun, so I stripped her down and let her loose. (ps, it was like 40 degrees-but she could care less)

I took so many pictures of her because lets face it, she is just the cutest little monkey.

Those look suspisciously like finger prints on her back. I wonder how they got there?? hmm

Maybe from these crazy kids!!!

Sadly they had to leave and 4 the next morning, but we still had fun while it lasted.

Thanks for coming Tanner Family!!!


Crazy Week

Whew, what a crazy week this has been. I know its crazy when I dont even have time to blog. I have way too much to blog about and its going to take a while to catch up, so that will have to come at a later time. I am the compassionate service leader in my ward, and a week ago a guy from our ward who was serving a mission in Brazil was struck by a car and killed. It has been such an emotional week. The funeral is tomorow, so after that I will catch up. This is the second funeral I have had to plan since I got this calling and its seriously the hardest thing. I couldnt even imagine being on the other end. I have never seen so much support and willingness to help than I have in this ward-its definately made my job a little easier. Its amazing to see how people really come together in times of tragedy. I will post about it all later.


Mess Up

I posted a birthday tribute and for some reason it posted below my last post-so scroll down for the new post. Not sure what happened there. Sorry



Something terrible happened last night. Its almost to hard to talk about, but I have to. I feel such a loss right now and it will never be the same. Oh Michael Johns, what a tradgedy. It was too early for you to go and now what are we going to do???
I am at a complete loss. What the heck happened? ARE YOU VOTING??? AI wont be the same without him. I had him in the top 2 for sure. I get so mad thinking I have to watch another week of Kristy Lee while Micheal Johns is gone. I am so bugged. I think there has to be some sort of conspiracy because this is just CRAZY. Remember when Tymara Grey got voted off in the first season-and when Daughtry got voted off. This is sooooo much worse than all of that. I havent met a person who wasnt in love with this guy. I was on the road, so I wasnt able to see the results show (I have it TIVO'd at home) but I just couldnt believe the news. This guy is so talented and I for one will be in line to buy his album (or on itunes downloading it to my IPOD-same thing) So please, in honor of the hot australian, take a moment of silence.
On a better note, my favorite, Jason Castro had an AWESOME week. I loved the song he did and he sang it even better. Love him. (David Archuleta is just a given favorite. He is in his own compitition. Its just not fair to the others becasue he is so good!!!!)
I love the show, but I hate when stupid things like this happen. Its just not FAIR!!!


Last time I checked....

This is what we woke up to 2 days in a row. Bill refuses to shovel the driveway because it is April and this should not be happening.
This picture is of Bill sliding all the way down the driveway and across the street. What happened to flowers and grass and nice weather? We still have mountains of snow. I guess someone forgot to tell Park City that its SPRING!!!

Conferance April 08

I enjoyed conference so much these past 2 days. I am so grateful for our new Prophet. He is such an amazing man with the most amazing gift for telling sotries that truly touch me everytime. I have always had a love for Pres. Monson and Im excited for what is to come. I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts before they are lost. I know that Elder Ballards talk was meant just for me. I love how sweet and profound his words were. He didnt make me feel guilty for how ive been as a mom, I just felt a strong and almost urgent need to be a better mom. This winter has been a hard one for me and I have found myself bored and spending too much time avoiding doing the things that I should be doing (laundry, cleaning, playing with kids, bills...) I realized that I need to stop thinking about myself and focus on my kids right now because it will be over so fast. I dont want to waste time. Im so grateful to be a mother and it has been the biggest blessing in my life. I dont ever want to take that for granted. I could think of a million things I would rather do than play duck duck goose a thousand times or read the same book over and over, but its so important to them now that I do do those things becasue it shows them I love them when I spend time with them. I get caught up in all the day to day things that i think have to be done that I forget that. I also appreciated Elders Ballards words about taking time for me and to not forget who I am because that will make me a better mother and wife. When he said to find 1 or 2 things and improve upon those things, I had a hard time thinking of even one thing that I could do because I just havent really given myself the opportunity to do it. Im excited to do it now. I love how I feel after hearing the words of our church leaders because it makes me feel like I can take on the world-if only it could last. Im determined to do my best to make it last. Im so grateful for this weekend and what I have learned and what it has done to my life. This was actually the first conference since we have had kids that I was able to listen. Avery went down for naps at the begining of each session and the other kids occupied themselves with destruction and leftover Easter candy. Of course my house is now trashed and its going to take all night to clean it up, but it was all worth it. I cant wait for October!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Brookie and Nany goat!!!!
These 2 have been my friends for as long as I can remember. We all grew up in the same ward and lived there until we went to school or got married. We were always on the same softball teams (GO BILL FLOWERS) and summer diving and swimming. Brooke lived across the street from Nancy and then moved across the street from me. Nancy was my back door neighbor. I would climb the fence to her house every day. On Christmas morning, Brooke would come to my house to see what I got then we would go to hers, then Heathers, then Nancys, then Rachels, then Lauras then Anneys. I remember the morning we all got cruisers. I have so many memories of both these girls. My whole life has involved these girls and I just love them so much. Happy Birthday!!!

Brooke is a mom to the cutest 3 kiddies and living in Cali. I never get to see her and I miss her a tons.

(Nancy is the one trying to tell me a secret)

Nancy is the mom to 5 kids who all are her twin. She is such good friend and I miss her so much since I have moved.

PS. You guys are so lucky that I dont have the Animal crackers dance video-that was a CLASSIC!!


For good measure, I added this picture of Missy because it was on the same page as the other ones. Its not her birthday, but I just thought I would share.