Noahs Christmas Cello Concert

Noah had his second cello concert of the year. I cant even tell you how much better they sounded from the begining of the year...and who doesnt love some good Christmas songs

So handsome and such talent already. I hope he sticks with this. He has such a good sound for a beginner and I love listening to him play!!

Calebs 5th Birthday!!

This handsome boy turned 5.
Seriously, where did the time go?

These 2 are such buddies since they get to be home with eachother half of the day

Calebs birthday is 2 days before Christmas. Its always hard to have a party because there is always so much going on. I feel bad for the kid because he always seems to get jipped in the party area. This year, I wanted him to have a fun day. We decided to have a train making party about a week before his real birthday. It was such a fun night. We had pizza and made candy trains. He loved it!!

Such a spread...right?

Since we were going to shove our faces with candy all night, I really didnt see much need for a cake, but we needed something so I just went with cupcakes. We had a real cake on his actual birthday.
Im such a cook...cant you tell??

He got this cool birthday hat from school and had worn it everyday up to his birthday

We opened presents first before things got all messy with the trains. Caleb got spoiled from all his aunts and cousins and Grandparents. He was definatly a happy boy!!

The best part of the night...the trains!!
This has been a tradition of my family ever since I was little. Every year, we would make these candy trains for our friends. I loved delivering them because everyone would always freak out. Once I got older, my friends would just come over and make their own. Bill and I have a competition every year on who can make the coolest train. I totally win every year =)

Everyone looks so excited to get started.

Even little Kate got in on the action...well the candy eating action anyway.

Mary and Selle and Drew and Maile

I think Ana won for the most candy on her train. It was covered

This is my favorite sight...seeing all the kids laughing and talking and having a good time. Now that they are getting older, it happens quite often. I love it!!

Tysons masterpiece

Yea, Avery totally did this herself (thanks dad)

Scrubs ate more candy than he had on his train. He was so proud of himself!

Lulu's pretty little train station, complete with gummy bear passangers

Maddy won for the longest train

And Noahs, just a hot mess of candy bar goodness

Caleb was nice enough to let Lanis friend Abby come and join the party

It was such a fun birthday. We love this sweet little boy!!
Things we love about Caleb:
He is obsessed with sports...ALL sports
He still loves to cuddle with me
He LOVES his little sister and always protects her
He has the sweetest smile that can just melt your heart
He is sneaky and mischevious
He is tender hearted
He still talks with a severe speech impetiment and its the cutest thing
He has the best blue eyes
His nickname is scrubs (dont even get me started)
He loves to play with his daddy. He bugs him the second he walks in the door to go outside and play sports
He learned how to swim last summer after only 5 lessons
He bites his fingernails to the skin...and his toenails.
He just learned how to write his name. (we are a bit slow)
Caleb is sweet and sensitive and loving and loves to help when I cook. He hides in the bathroom whenever there are chores to be done. He HATES chores. He is smart and witty and observent and I could just eat this kid, I love him so much.
Happy Birthday Scrubs!!!

Christmas 2009

I love Christmas. Even though its crazy and stressful, I love being together as a family and celebrating the birth of our Savior.

We are always rushing from one place to the other and this year was no different.
We decided to go to Bills house for Christmas Eve dinner and my house for games and jammies.

Harry is Averys favorite part of going to Grandmas. I think he has finally grown to put up with her constant nagging

My sweet kids. Tyson decided he was too cool to dress up for the night and he opted to stay in his t-shirt and jeans. Gotta love his fashion sense for a 6 year old. He is way too aware.

Lani wanted to pose in front of the fire place. She is such a beautiful girl

Holly and Tiare went all out and planned a play including all the kids. A couple weekends before Christmas, they gave all us parents a break and took the kids and put together this Christmas program. It was awesome!

It was the Scrooge story and the kids were the worst actors I have ever seen =) So cute!!

They had also made up a twelve days of Christmas song-Nacho Libre style. Soooo funny!! I wish I could remember all the lyrics

Then, we had the annual "grandma" gift exchange. Grandma collects fun gifts all year round and lets the kids have a fun white elephant gift exchange. She always get the funnest things and all the kids walk away happy!

We raced home just in time for my family gift exchange. The kids had their own and then the adults had our own white elephant exchange

Bill created a scavanger hunt for the kids to find their Christmas jammies. It was so cute watching their faces as they figured out the clue and ran to the next.

Avery was the most excited for her Dora jammies. I think she would have been happy with just these.

So cute and cozy and ready for a Christmas movie

They all looked so comfy and quiet. This lasted about 4 minutes and then they were all up bugging us while we tried to have our adult gift exchange

I always take a picture of the kids sleeping the night before Christmas. They look so peaceful and innocent. These kids wanted to sleep together-they were so excited-looking out the window trying to see Santa.

Lani fell asleep on the lovesac in her room

And Noah just looks like a mummy...so funny

All of December, Avery talked about how Santa was going to bring her a bike. Looks like he kept his promise!! She was sooo excited

The kids worst part of Christmas is waiting...he make them put them into piles and we take our time and they hate it

Christmas shots...2009

Its fun living with my parents because we get to share special things like Christmas morning with them

Now its time to play!!

Finally...A trampoline.

Noah didnt waste anytime building his lego creations. I love his creativity