Proud Parent Moment

I sure hope that im not the only one who one day takes a look at her kids and says "What am I doing wrong? Where did I go wrong?"
During our little vacation, I kept telling the kids how good they were being and how respectful and well behaved they were. I really was so happy with them. Im sure a lot of it had to do with the fact they could play outside all day. My kids are such outdoor kids. They were even good in the car on the way home. (we left at 8am and got home at 11pm). When we got home, all that changed in an instant. I thought I would give Bill some last minute quiet time before his big test today, so I took all the kids to Costco. They were good at first, but after a while it was like the monkeys were loose in the zoo. Holy cow. I have never been so embarressed in all my life. I seriously wanted to duck under the table and hide. You know how you go somewhere and you see some kids totally out of control and you wonder where are the parents? Yea, those were mine. Without going into tons of detail, just imagine pure chaos and thats how it was. When we were finally in the car, I told them how dissapointed I was in their behavior and a lot more parent talk, and what do I hear in the back, LAUGHING. Are you kidding me????? I just had to remind myself of when I was younger and I had the giggles and I couldnt stop laughing no matter how much trouble I was in-it was either that or drop them off at the nearest exit. After the whole im so dissapointed speech, they still were laughing. I knew right then and there that I had lost all control. I seriously wanted to cry, but I knew if I did I would be admitting defeat-that and I would probably have crashed because it was foggy and snowing. I know with Bill studying these past few months has been hard on all of us. The kids really miss their dad. Thats what im guessing anyway-or cabin fever or winter crazies. Im hoping its one of the above and not because I really have lost all control. Anyway, they all went straight to bed. About 10 minutes later, Lani comes downstairs crying. In between sobs, she tells me how sorry she was for acting that way and that she wont do it ever again. She then says that she said a prayer and sang a song to help her be better. I asked her what song she sang and she said it was called "its ok to be punished when you do something wrong." I almost died right there. I had to hold it all in to not laugh. As hard as I try to teach them right from wrong and especially how to act in public, its moments like that that make all the failures worth it. I love that she went to Heavenly Father for help. It shows me that she wants to do whats right. Thats what matters to me. She is still grounded, but at least she is learning. Now if we could just pass this on to her brothers!!!
Anyone else excited for American Idol tonight???


What in the heck was I thinking

I think that I woke up one morning and thought to myself, "self, what would be the craziest thing I could possibly do today"? Hey I know, I will drive to Arizona with all 5 kids and no husband. That sounds awesome!!!! What in the crud was I thinking??? Can you say pure hell. I think anything that couldve gone wrong did. My sweet hubby who is studying for the bar woke up early and took the car to get an oil change and get some snacks for the car and fill the ice chest with drinks. I was all ready to go when he got home, so we loaded up, I did some last minute things and we were ready to go. I got in the car and went to start it...and NOTHING. Bill left it on when he was setting up the TV screens and it drained the batteries. In case I havent mentioned how much I hate my driveway, this is another prime example. Bill had to coast it down the snowy, Icy path over the big ice stump and what do you know-it gets stuck. We are literally blocking the entire street. We waited for the next car to come so we could get a jump. After all that, I was FINALLY on my way. The kids were great for the first 30 minutes or so until one had to go to the bathroom, Avery was screaming, and they were fighting over what movie to watch first. I didnt realize how hard it was to try to meet everyones needs and not being able to do anything about it. Needless to say, we stopped about 8 times just on the way to Kanab. For some odd reason, all the kids started coughing and noses were running all over the place. (I credit that to the lovely ER a couple nights before) Avery didnt stop screaming the last hour of the trip, and Tyson was about to have an asthma attack because he was coughing so hard. We finally got to the hotel in Kanab, ate dinner and lounged for a while. The kids had so much pent up energy, they were literally bouncing off the walls. I gave them all a bath and during Averys, she stood up and tumbled over the bathtub onto the hard bathroom floor. Her nose and mouth were pouring out blood. Yea... another night in the ER with all the kids? Thankfully no. Her nose kept bleeding and Im pretty sure she ripped that thing that goes from the top of your lip inside to the gums by your two front teeth. Poor thing was so miserable, i could tell she was in pain. I gave her some Tylanol and she fell asleep. The only thing was, besides not having a crib for Avery, the kids didnt want to sleep. Trying to keep Avery asleep and the kids quiet was not working-she was up and down so much that by the time they all did fall asleep, she was wide awake and NOT HAPPY. I have never tried so hard to put her to sleep, but its kinda hard with all the kids taking turns having coughing fits, grinding their teeth, and talking(screaming) in their sleep (that was Lani). She didnt go to sleep until 4:30. The only light spot in this was that Tyson woke up at about 2 and decided to pee all over the front door and carpet (which he thought was the toilet). Me and Avery did a little early morning cleanup!!!! The kids were awake by 8. After a shower, we ate breakfast and headed out for another fun 6 hour drive. By this time Avery was so tired and cranky and not feeling good at all. I stopped at the store and picked up some medicine. This is so bad, but I thought that if I got the nighttime one, than it would knock them all out. Nope. It only made Avery more cranky becasue she was soooo tired and couldnt sleep in her carseat. Who could with the kids screaming that they cant see the TV's, or that they want another game for the leapster or a drink or the bathroom or a snack or what have you. Thanks to massive amounts of caffine we finally arrived at my parents house (7 hours,a pair of peed in pants, a sick baby, a tired mommy and 5 hungry kids later).
Whew, what a novel. That felt good. Complaining aside, they really were good kids and very helpful when I really needed it. I am so happy to be here where the sun shines and where family and friends are. The kids are so excited to play outside and maybe go to the zoo and go to parks and have picnics. We really miss Bill (and Caleb misses hammie) and wish he was here. Have a good week of studying honey. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts!!!
Now the ride home will be a different story-we are driving straight through-12 hours. YIKES
My last two posts ive noticed have been venting ones. I will end this one on a good note. Im choosing to look at the bright side of this road trip. We had no throwups, no poopy diapers, no driving tickets, I got to listen to MY music the whole time while the kids watched their movies, I drank pop the ENTIRE time ( for the caffine only of course :) and the best...I didnt have to hear any backseat driving from the hubby!!! (love ya babe)
So Happy to be here


More Winter!!!

Thanks to Mr. Groundhog for giving us weeks more of winter. What a winter this has been. My neighbors have said they havent had a winter like this since the late eightys. It seriously has been snowing for 2 weeks straight. The snow piles on the sides of the road are getting so high that soon there wont be anywhere to put it all. I was looking back at some old blog posts and saw a picture of the house with no snow. What a difference. I cant tell you how anxioius I am for this snow to start melting. I think it may be a while.



Our back yard before...


(notice the square fence thing on the top corner and compare to the picture above. You can almost see the fence peeking out from the snow)

The kids had their very first snow day ever. We got a call at 6:15 in the morning telling us that there would be no school. It was the best feeling knowing I didnt have to wake the kids up and I could go back to sleep!!
They all played outside all day.

These are some of the boys that live in the neighborhood having a massive snow ball fight. Since the snow is so high it was perfect for building snow forts to hide behind.

This is Tyson making the trek up our driveway. See how narrow it is. There is just enough room for our car to squeeze through.

Noah likes to think he is survivorman and he wanted to know what it felt like in a snow cave-so he spent like an hour building a cave that went from our driveway all the way through to the middle of the lawn. This is Noah peeking out from the lawn part.

This is Tyson squeezing through.

Noah and Caleb in the driveway entrance

I love this picture of Caleb. He loves to be outside in the snow and he LOVES to eat it. He will sit in one spot and just bury his face into the snow. He is such the funny kid!!
These 2 were the first to come inside. After some warming up, they fell asleep watching their favorite-Cailou.

The Newest Member of our Family!!!

This is Hammy-Tysons new hampster. YUCK!!!! I protested this one all the way to the end, but Tyson finally won out. He really did earn this creepy little thing. The kids love him and think he is the coolest thing. We took him out of the cage tonight for the first time and Caleb was so scared that he dropped him and it bit Bill. I think all the noise and craziness that is a constant at our house scared it and it tried to get away. I dont blame it!!!

Avery wasnt too sure of the thing. Its a good thing Bill doesnt mind this because this is one animal that I will have no part of.

Welcome Hammy!!!
Lets see how long this one lasts.

X Games- 2017

What a hottie this little boy is. I finally got the chance to go up to the mountain to take some pictures of Noah in the elements. He freakin loves to snowboard. I am so proud. Im so happy that Noah got the chance to take some lessons and now he is ready to hit the "big" slopes.

Such form!!

Noah and a friend in his class.


I had to laugh at this one. He asked if I would take a picture of him jumping so high. He's like 2 inches off the ground. When I got there, his class was already walking down the hill with their boards off. I made him walk back up, strap back in and come back down so I could get some pics. He was so proud this day because he said he tore up "bunny hollow" Since he is in the begginer class, they only stayed on the bunny hill. He got to go up the lifts quite a few times, but they would get off on the first exit. Noah seriously has no fear. He was ready to take some jumps and go all the way to the top of the mountain. Bill plans on taking him after he takes the bar, so we can see what he is really made of. Im so proud of him for doing this and trying so hard and listening to his instructor so he can learn the proper techniques. (we had an issue the first day with Noah thinking he knew it all and didnt have to listen)

X games, here he comes!!!

My First Cake

Here are some pictures for Family that couldnt be here to celebrate Averys first birthday. I have never seen a baby more happy to be eating cake. She went to town on this thing.

I feel bad for the clean up crew who had to take on this table

Yea!!!! What else can I eat.

She was throwing her hands in the air and laughing. I seriously have never seen her so happy and carefree!!
I think by the end of this party she had had it with the camera. This is her telling me no more!!!

Avery's Birthday Party

We had a fun little birthday party for Avery at Chuck e Cheese with Scott and Bens familys. We were so sad that the rest of our family couldnt be there for this fun day-we really missed you!!!

The whole gang

The Happy Birthday Girl

I love this pizza face

The kids played air hockey...

Avery, Eli and Claire rode the merry go round-Avery didnt like it so much

She didnt like the Chuck E Cheese car either.

Caleb is the happiest when he can run wild and play all the games he wants!!!

Ben and cute little Sunny

Sweet little Lia
Tyson and Eil had so much fun yelling, screaming and running around the entire place over and over again

Mason and Avery playing at the bottom of the slide

Thanks to the help of her big sister, Avery opened her presents.

Arent these the cutest cupcakes you have ever seen. I did such a good job!! Yea right-Thanks Costco

Night (mare) in the ER

Nothing better than spending Valentines night (let alone any night) in the ER with ALL 5 kids.
For the last couple days, Noah has been complaining of a stomach ache. It has come on an off and then on Wed. he came home from school just not feeling well at all. On Thursday, he still felt yucky, but his stomach felt a little better. He said that when he would lay down or walk around, his stomach would hurt really bad, but if he sat up it felt better. Later that night around 6, he was buckled over in pain. Bill took him to Urgent care and they did a few little tests and said it was his appendix and to take him to the ER. So Bill calls and tells me he is heading to Primary Childrens. There was no way I was going to let him go without me, especially since he might be needing surgery. Bill said we have to take him now, so your just going to have to come as you are. I was right in the middle of feeding the kids-so we litterally threw on our snowboots and jackets and ran out the door. We get to the hospital and what do you know, it was PACKED to say the least. I knew this was going to be a long night. We still dont really know anyone well enough here, so I didnt feel comfortable leaving them with anyone, so thats why we had the WHOLE family. What a nightmare. My kids were so bored with nothing to do becasue it was so crowded. Noah was in so much pain and he just wanted to lay down. I felt so helpless, there was nothing I could do. As I was sitting there waiting, and after realizing there really was nothing I could do to get him back there sooner, i kinda just relaxed for a second. I took a good look at my kids and about had a heart attack. They all had dinner on their faces, their hands were dirty, and none of their hair was combed. I have never felt so white trash in all my life. We left in such a hurry that I didnt get the chance to fix Lanis half pony tail or calebs shaggy mullet (its hair cut time) or Tysons dumb and dumber lloyd hair. We really must have been a sight. We had had enough and since I refused to leave Noah, Bill took the kids to get a drink and watch a movie in the car. Once he got the kids settled, Avery pukes all over herself, her blanky (which is the ONLY thing that calms her down) and her car seat. Lovely. Now the car reaks and she wants her blankey. Meanwhile, Noah was getting worse and I really started to freak out a little bit. I went to the nurse to ask if there was anywhere he could lay down. She check him over again and agreed that he needed to be seen right away. They put him to the top of the list and FINALLY got him a room. An hour later we are still waiting in our room for the ONE doctor that is working the ER. Seriously, something has to be done about that. What is the point of calling it an Emergency room if it takes 4 hours to even be seen. What a joke. Anyway, when the doctor did come in, she said it definatly was not his appendix. They did the usual blood work and urine tests and because he was so pale, they put him on an IV. Bill was freaking out a bit, so we traded spots. I went out to the car and he stayed with Noah. At this point it was almost midnight and Lani and Avery were still awake. I drove around until they fell asleep. I parked in the Hospital parking lot just waiting for the results. Luckily they all came back normal. The Dr. said that sometimes your body can get a virus that appears to be something else. His stomach was still hurting him so bad when she pushed on it, so they decided to do one more bag and check him after that. If it still hurt, then they would do some more tests. He was still in so much pain that I figured that he would need more tests and would be there for the night. I took the kids home-and all asleep, unloaded them from the car and put them to bed. About 20 minutes after I had been home, Bill calls and says the pain in completly gone. They did a few more small tests and said he could go. I was soooooo happy that he was going to be ok, but not so happy that I had to load my 4 sleeping kids back into the car. I seriously think my back is broken. 3 of the 4 kids cryed half the way there because they were so tired. NIGHTMARE. Finally we got home at about 2:30, got all the kids down by 3, and fell into bed. I know that we had a lot of people praying for Noah and Im convinced our prayers were answered. What a night. Noah thought it was a pretty cool experience getting an IV and all.
The kids have all next week off of school and Bill is studying for the bar that he takes in a week and a half. The thought of trying to keep all the kids occupied all week and keep them out of Bills way is enough to drive me crazy, so depending on Noah, we are heading to AZ for the week. I know I am crazy for driving all 5 kids by myself, but we are going to break it up so it wont be so bad. The good thing is we have clear weather for the next few days. YEA!!!!
All is well at the Lomu house-crazy-but well!!!