Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I love birthdays!!!
I dont even care if I get one present, I just love being the center of attention for a day. What better day than a Sunday to have a birthday because your husband is home and you can relax and not feel guilty (unless you are giving a talk in church and your church isnt until 1 and you stress out all morning-but AFTER all that you can relax)
Bill and I actually got to go out on Friday night to dinner and ice cream, thanks to his brother Ben who watched our kids for us for a couple hours. Its pretty sad, but this is only the 3rd or 4th time this year we have been out WITHOUT kids and we ate up every second.

This is what I woke up to on Sunday morning.

Noah took charge and told the little kids what to do, but the sweet boy pretty much did it all by himself. Isnt he so cute!!! He kept asking me all day if I was having a good birthday. He is such a sweet and caring boy.

Noah climbed over that ledge and hung it up there. My blood turns cold just thinking of it.

Avery was all over the balloons. I think she popped every balloon she touched because she would try to eat them.

These 2 underwear bandidts stole the balloons from Avery and made her cry.

(tyson is wearing my Grandads indian necklace because it gives him eagle powers-especially in his underwear)

Bills brother Scott and his wife Andrea were so nice and they brought us the best dinner and cupcakes. I was so happy she brought those cupcakes because the kids were all over them which left more of the double layer chocolate cake that Bill made and decorated (YUM) Which, by the way, is so much better the next day after its been in the refridgerator.

I have such an awesome family that made this day so fun. My favorite all time gift that I get from Bill and the kids every year is a giant bag of peanut butter M& M's and a couple of my favorite gossip mags to which I sit in bed, catch up on all the "news" and stuff my face. Its the best!

I love Birthdays!!!


A day of first's!!

Avery went to nursery.
All by herself.
Not even crying once.
Of course she had her blankie in hand at all times, along with that trusted thumb. We may start calling her Linus.
Its also a historic day because this is the first time since I got pregnant with Noah that I was able to attend ALL my classes without an infant/nursing baby/toddler in hand or a pregnant belly. Its a great feeling!!!
I also got a new calling... Cub Scout den mother.
I also got asked to speak in church next Sunday. Not Bill, just me.
Did I mention next Sunday is my birthday?



This is mainly for journaling purposes. My kids always say such funny things (at least I think they are funny) and I forget to write it down. So that is what im doing.

Avery: The other day, we were getting ready to go somewhere and all the kids were getting their shoes on, which are in a massive pile by the front door. I had just finished getting Averys on and she ran to the door and yells "SHOTGUN" Bill and I had to look at eachother just to make sure we heard her right. She is only 19 months. She is such a big copy cat!!!

Tyson: I swear, I could write a novel on the things this kid says. Pure comedy.
Tonight while him and Caleb were playing, Caleb took something that Tyson had and Ty started to get mad. After trying for about a minute to get it back, he finally gets so mad that he yelled "Ugh, Caleb, your...your a one year old. Stop acting like a 2 year old". Caleb is 3. Do you think he might hear that alot???

Tyson: The rule at night is that if jammies are on and teeth are brushed and they are IN BED by 8:30, and that includes prayers, then they get to read in bed for about 15 minutes. I could just hear them putting the toothbrushes away when Tyson comes running downstairs to ask Bill a question. He goes "Hey Dad, (Quietly: please dont say no, please dont say no) can you come tell us a story instead of books?" Bill tells the kids the most creative stories and they LIVE for stories from Dad. Its a treat to them because these stories will last like 30 minutes. Being the mean mom that I am, I dont allow it all the time because then they dont go to bed on time, and if they dont go to bed on time it interups MY time and if MY time gets interupted then mommy gets cranky!!! Im a HUGE bedtime nazi.

On another note... Mom, Noah finished the book you got him. He started it on Saturday. This kid is a reading machine. I love it. Bill on the other hand is trying to think of ways to de-nerd him. I think its great and I love that he LOVES to read. I think Bill is just bitter because everytime I start a book, I dont do anything until its done, and he gets ignored. Boo-hoo.
Speaking of Noah, he got his first fumble recovery at his game on Saturday. He is a defensive lineman so he doesnt get any ball time. It was pretty exciting-even though his team lost.

I guess I should add some stuff about the other kids so they dont feel left out.

Lani is loving school and is making tons of friends. She comes home from school with a new phone number everyday. She is doing so much better with her reading, but we have just realized that she is squinting and she said that when she blinks she loses her place because it gets all blury. When we were at Noahs game on Saturday, she put my glasses on and said "wow, I can see far." Whoops. Looks like we are off to the eye dr!!! I hope this isnt the reason she has had such a hard time reading. I will feel so bad.

Caleb is awesome. I have had so much fun with him since school has started. When he isnt playing with his friend, we go run errands, make cookies, play, look at blogs (he loves the pictures). Its been fun. He just started his speech class this week and I think it will be so good for him. This past month he has really developed a bad lisp. I think its the cutest thing, but it wont be when he's in junior high, so I guess its best to try to take care of it now. We go once a week to a class and I get to stay with him and be part of his learning. I love it and I learn things that we can practice at home. He feels like a big kid becasue he gets a homework folder and has to do homework, just like Noah, Lani, and Tyson. He has a friend next door who he cant get enough of. Those 2 will play all day. They play good, so im not complaining, but it is sad when they would rather play with their friend then go somewhere with you. I guess its whats to come, so I might as well get used to it.

As a side note, its starting to get chilly. The kids have started needing sweatshirts in the morning. We still had snow in our driveway in June. It snowed on the last day of school for crying out loud. Im not ready for cold yet. 3 months is not enough "summer" for me. YIKES!!



Tyson FINALLY started school, and I couldnt be happier!!
Its too bad they dont have all day kindergarden because he would be all over that...me too!!

I went picture crazy with this guy because #1, I LOVE to take pictures and #2, he LOVES to get his picture taken.
Can you tell?

Doesnt he just look so dang handsome.

Tyson is one kid that HAS to have an input into what he wears. I can proudly say that he picked out his entire outfit down to the socks.

This is his favorite shirt. He tried to wear it the next day and I had to explain that things are different when you are in school. You cant wear the same things every day like we do in the summer (or like I do everyday-hee hee)

He thinks he is the coolest boy in his class-as long as he picks his outfit.

Today, Bill got him dressed for school and he didnt like his outfit. He said he didnt want to go to school because he had a stomach ache. Bill asked him why and he said that all the kids would think he's wierd because his dad dresses him funny. This kid kills me!

Most of the kids were clinging to their moms and refused to go on the bus.
Not my Ty-bo. He let go of my hand before I could even give him a kiss and ran towards the bus
Later Mom.
Of course I followed the bus. I had to make sure he found his class ok. But I had nothing to worry about because they had it under control. A teacher met them at the bus, lined them up and walked them to the classroom.

Such a big boy...he is already following directions.

I wasnt the only mom who was having a hard time letting go. I think every kids mom was standing there. The teacher said to say goodbye, and she led them in.
Such a wierd feeling to only have 2 kids at home. Actually, its only 1 because Avery takes a nap. I love it!! Caleb and I are having great times.
I did it Mom!!
He was the happiest kid when he came off the bus. He was so proud that he got on the right bus and did it all by himself. Its amazing to see how much he is already learning and how much he loves to learn. He asks me all morning if its time to go yet. Its such a fun time for him.
After he came home, Bill and I sat down with him to ask him how the day was and Bill asked him if he made any friends and he said, " No, the teacher wouldnt stop talking."
I LOVE this kid!!!

Look Dad...

Im a "Destruction" worker!!

Such the big helper!!
FINALLY, after almost 3 months of living here, Bill is getting around to putting the swingset together-just in time for the GREAT fall weather.