Random Happenings

Just some random pics from our daily happenings.

Lani was chosen as student of the month. This is such a huge deal. They only have one in the whole school. They pick using some random factors. One of them was not being absent for the whole month. On the day she was picked-she was absent!!! Whoops
She got a free meal from Cafe Rio, a free meal from Mimi's cafe, free food from Del Taco, and a free day at a skate place here-oh and free Coldstone. She scored. We are so proud of her.

Little miss Monkey loves her baths and if anyone is in the bath and she's not, she will throw a major fit. Last night, Tyson and Caleb were taking a bath after haircuts and she decided she wanted in too. I told her no because she already had her jammies on. I guess she just decided to take matters into her own hands and she climbed in-or fell in-whatever. She didnt like it. (is it sad that I yet again let her cry while I took the picture-im so mean)

Tyson built this super cool tower to display all is beloved football helmets and he asked me to take a picture for the blog. Silly boy

Noah finished up his football season a couple weeks ago. They finally started playing good at the end of the season-so we have some high hopes for next season. It was so much fun to watch Noah play and learn this new sport. They really worked them hard-so hard that he lost his little tummy and got a cute little six pack and some buff arms. Lots and lots of running. He said he loved football he just didnt like the running. We cant wait for next year!!

Here are all the boys with their trophy blankets. Such a fun group of boys!!



I know that all parents think there kids are the funniest, but this guy has the FUNNIEST whit about him. I seriously could write a book with just the things he says. Today I had a real serious conversation with him and it went a little somthing like this:

Tyson came in the door and slammed it with a sigh. He kicked his shoes off and sat on the couch.

Me: Whats the matter, Ty

Tyson: When im at my friends house sometimes I just need a break

Me: Why, dont you have fun at Noahs house.

Tyson: Yes, I have so much fun

Me: Then why did you come home?

Tyson: Because he has so many cool toys that I want for christmas and its just too much.

We then had a little talk about being grateful for what we have and that there is always going to be some friend that has more than we do and yada yada yada. I wasnt very convincing with all my mom talk.

Tyson is a package of 1000 different emotions. He is so sensitive and caring. He has a very big guilty concience. He still feels bad for acting up over 2 months ago. He is very aware of what others think of him. He is so worried about his clothes to the point of obsession. Hes funny and sarcastic and he worships the ground his daddy walks on. He always says that he never wants to grow up but yet he wants to do everything adults do. I just wanted to write this down so I wouldnt forget how he was at this age. I just love this kid!


The first official snowfall and other things

I guess its official...Winter is here.
As in snow, ice, more snow, shoes (no more flip flops), jackets, gloves, boots, hats, mittens, cold, cold and more cold.
I miss Az!!!
We were a little caught off gaurd by this storm. We have had awesome weather this last month and we were not prepared for the snow. The weather man said we would get a couple inches. I had about 6 inches on my car in the morning. I had to break out the winter bins and get all the snow stuff out so the big kids could have boots for school and the little kids could go outside and play. Poor Lani, she grew a ton since last winter and her boots were way too small-she is now a womens size 6-she is 7. Noahs were ok but a little tight. I was happy to see that jackts still fit (except Lani) and most of the gloves and hats still fit. Snow pants are a different story. Caleb is the only one that is completly outfited(thank you hand me downs). Tysons were riding a little high, if you know what I mean, but he wanted to go outside so bad he was willing to suffer.

Since Avery was so little last year, I never really took her in the snow. She had the star suit when we went outside, but I never got her boots or anything like that. She wanted to go outside so bad, so I found some of Lani's old boots from Idaho (size 11), some gloves that were way too big, and Calebs old bibs from last winter and put them on her. She could barely walk because they were so big.

She loved it, she was having so much fun...

Until she fell and couldnt get up!
( Is it bad that I took a picture before I helped her?)

Its gonna be a long winter.
Some other things:
Avery has been sick with croup, the stomach flu and now a bad cough and cold. She has been so grumpy and clingy. The only thing I can bribe her with to give me a little break is Dora. She will sit on the couch with her blankie and sippie cup and not move until its over. Its gotta be Dora-nothing else will do!!

Tyson built this "crumb catcher" so that all the crumbs would go into it so he wouldnt have to wipe the table off anymore. He is pretty creative. Lazy, but creative.

The kids in our circle have named this hill "Mt. Fugi-wugi" and it is there new playing spot. It is across the street from out house, but just far enough away that they feel they are so far away from home. It makes them feel big!

They all went over there after it snowed and came home a muddy mess. I think MT. Fugi-Wugi is off limits until its ALL snow.

Lani lost another tooth. She was so excited because she was just playing with it and it came out. We have had some issues with Lani and trying to pull out loose teeth, so we were sooo happy this came out on its own. The tooth fairy even brought her $2!!


I have been trying for the last 30 minutes or so to download some pictures, but to no avail. I love when that happens!!! So instead of pictures(i will hopefully get it done tomorrow) you have to settle for my Jack Handy's (deep thoughts if no one caught that)
Im not quite sure what brought it on, maybe my many, many nights of no sleep due to too much in my head-nothing in particular-just too much. Maybe it was watching Noah make up these crazy stories on the computer-man that kid has an imagination. But whatever it was, I started remembering back in the day before marriage and kids and how much I LOVED to write. I had this massive folder full of poems and stories and I wrote in a journal everyday since I was in Junior High.(that stopped about 7 years ago) I just loved to write. Im not really sure when I stopped, but im pretty sure it was around the time I had kids and my brain became a jumbled mess. I have always had an overactive imagination and I could daydream all day(and night). My favorite thing to think about in bed is if I had tons and tons of money(or won the lottery) what I would do with it. I just have a lot of thoughts running through my head,just a bunch of randomness. I think I have figured out that I need to write. To write about nothing and everything. To write about my goals and what I want to accomplish in my life as a wife, mom and ME. Im sure im not the only one who has been thoughtful of what is most important in life these days. Its a scary time right now and unfortunately it just got worse. Im more focused on what I can do as a mom to make sure my kids are well armed. Ive been slowly, verly slowly getting my food storage put together. I dream about being a photographer. I am obsessed with taking pictures and capturing the moment. One of these days, when I have a second in time, im going to take classes and teach myself as much as I can. Thats my dream at the moment. I am nowhere near creative, anyone who knows me knows that, BUT... I sure am trying. I have always thought that my brain was so full already that it was impossible for me to learn anything. Maybe if I can push out all that useless US magazine and PEOPLE knowledge, then there just might be some room in there for some good stuff.
I think this is a good start.
(Disclaimer: I never said I was GOOD at writing, I just said I LIKED to write. Just so you know)
P.S. The other night when I went to check on the kids before I went to bed, Lani had fallen asleep with her radio on her bed, with Radio Disney blasting. I just had to smile-thats so much like me. I could only fall asleep with the radio on (it helped distract the crazy head)I love that she loves music!! Im going to read this in about 5 years and wish that she still liked the sweet music of HSM. Speaking of Lani, she is puking her guts out right now. I sent Bill upstairs because even the sight of throwup makes me gag. Poor thing. I better go comfort my girl.


Blah, blah, Change, blah, blah, Hope, blah, blah.