Lani's Beauty Shop

Lani had a beauty shop...

Need I say more??

Noah the builder

Noah has been begging me to post some of his towers. He is such a creative kid. He loves to build and can build anything from anything. We plan on having him design and build our dream house-for free!!!

Fun at the Zoo!!

While our hubbys were in Tonga having a great vacation, Michelle, Andrea and I took our kids to the zoo. Here are some pictures of the fun day.

Avery and Sunny
Some monkeys escaped and I found them on the playground

Mason and Caleb

My camera ran out of batteries just as we got to the bird show. It was such a cool show. Hawks were litterally flying 2 inches over our heads. The kids loved it!!!
I love that this zoo is so small-it makes for a funner time with all the kids.
We have a year pass and we will definately use it as much as possible!!!

@$#%^$ Computer

I just spent 3 hours writing my posts and then saving them so I could just post them all at the same time. I went to start the posting process and for some odd STUPID reason, it didnt save anything I wrote. IM GOING TO LOSE IT WITH THIS COMPUTER. Seriously, im screaming right now. I have to get this done so I can start reading tomorrow. I will have to re-do them all, but im going to take a break or all it will be is pictures and curse words. I will return.

Obsessed Maybe??

So I will admit that I have a slight obsession with the Vampire love novels. I was there-all by myself no doubt-at midnight along with 1000 other crazy obsessed fans. I have always done the Harry Potter midnight book release thing and havent thought a thing about it, but for some reason I felt a little dumb standing in line with tweens and dressed up fans alike. When the clock hit midnight, I thought Hannah Montana walked in the building. Pure pandimonium (sp?). I have never heard more high pitched screaming in all my life except when David Archuleta took the stage. At that moment I realized that I was in the same catagory as these nuts. Having said that, I came home and read till 4 and then all day Saturday and most the night Sunday. I am dying to talk about it-but no one I know has read it. I thought it was such a good book and she really did a good job with all the twists and turns. Although, I kept thinking throuhout the whole book, I would not want my daughter to read some of the parts-too much talk of married actions- if you know what I mean. If you havent read it-GO GET IT. Such a good book and im sad that the obsession is over. Anyone know of any other series books worth obsessing about?

Cat Scans and Drama

Avery has a ridge on the top of her head that is growing abnormaly as her soft spot closes. All my kids have a slight version of it, Averys is just a bit more severe. As her head is growing the ridge is getting worse and more noticable. Its not anything that is causing her harm, its more of a cosmetic thing. We just have to have her checked every 4 months or so to make sure its not doing anything crazy. Hopefully it doesnt get any worse or she will have to have surgery to correct it. Its either that or a wicked horn!!

The doctor wanted to do a cat scan just to make sure that it wasnt anything else causing the ridge. When we layed her down for the scan, she flipped and wouldnt hold still. Since it was a 3-D scan, she needed to be completely still. Not happening, so they told me she was going to need sedation. After a long day of her not being able to eat or drink anything, we headed back to the hospital.

They had to put an IV in and she was not having any of that. They had to bring in a team to do. Such a high maintaince girl.

They gave her a dose of the sleepy stuff and it didnt even phase her. They had to give her a second dose and that worked almost immediately. She was so funny. After it was over, I had to carry her to the recovery room-she was a limp as a noodle. She tried to move and sit up and she was doing all these wierd things. They told me that she would see 2 of me and I think that freaked her out.

Poor thing had to go through all that for a 2 minute scan. Luckily all is well and we will do it again in 4 months.

Crazy Sleepers!!

These two are the funniest sleepers ever! Every night we go into check on them before we go to bed and we always find them in the funniest positions-I just had to take a picture to have some blackmail material when they are older.

(and yes-that is the mattress they are sleeping on. Tyson wet the bed the night before and I washed the sheets but forgot to put them in the dryer- whoops)

RIP Hammy

Our sweet, beloved hamster, Hammy, has gone to hamster heaven. We are all sad and will miss his little furballnes so much. Well, the kids will anyway.

We buried him in our backyard and all the kids helped.

We woke up one Sat. morning to find Hammy hard as a rock. Not quite sure what happened, but im suprised he lasted this long. We arent the best with pets, so I think we will wait a while until we venture the pet road again.

I caught Caleb, about an hour later, sitting at the table staring out the window where he was buried. So sweet.

We will miss you Hammy!!

Haircuts by Tyson

I have learned a great lesson. From this day foward, Bill is NEVER allowed to touch my clippers. I have hidden them and will only bring them out for family haircut day and then they will be returned to their secret place.

I know that Bill LOVES to relive his high school glory days, but this has gone too far-back to the Vanilla Ice days.

Let me start from the begining.

While I was in the middle of doing laundry, Bill decides he wants to give the boys a haircut. We had decided we were going to re-shave them one more time before summer is over. I didnt think it was a big deal-I mean, really, how can you mess up a buzz? Oh, you can. I know that now. Bill does Noahs hair first. He decides a cool rugby haircut would look Awesome. He tried but it didnt look quite right, so he just shaved the whole head and moved on to Tyson. So, thinking back to the Vanilla Ice days, he thinks Tyson would look so cool with stripes, yes I said stripes, on the side of his head. Seriously I dont know what goes on in his head sometimes. So as I was upstairs doing laundry, completly oblivious to the fact that Bill is making my kids look absolutely lame, Tyson comes running upstairs completly brainwashed into thinking he looked soooo cool- until I saw it and freaked out. I took over before he could stripe Calebs hair. I also had to fix Noahs hair because he completely screwed his up too.

Seriously-why not do the eyebrow while were at it. I know its kind of hard to see the stripes now, but thats because I attempted to fix it the best I could. Tysons hair was way longer and the stripes were so much more stand outish. Poor guy. So as im freaking out and listening to Bill try to convince me this is in style now, Tyson decides to cut his own hair-just like his Daddy was doing. But Tyson didnt use the clippers, he used the edger which completely bic'd a massive chunk out of the side of his head. I had to re shave his head down to the shortest I could, but it still didnt hide the chunk. Its a good thing boys hair grows so fast.

Tyson thought he was pretty cool-so did Bill.

Not cool.

Tyson is 5!!!

Oh my goodness! Tyson has been waiting for this day since Noahs birthday. He knew that when he turns 5, it means kindergarden. He is sooo ready to go to school.

We didnt do any big parties this year for the summer birthdays, so Tyson was feeling quite special when we told him that All his cousins and Aunts and Uncles and even his Grandma would be there. He was definatly loving all the attention. He chose spiderman for his cake-but since I didnt have time to make anything, Bill picked up some cool cupcakes and he was in heaven. He loved his "cake."

It was so nice, he had lots and lots of helpers to open his presents!!

He wanted this Spiderman "laptop" for Christmas and didnt get it but he kept talking about it so I knew it would be the perfect present. It was a hit and he had to fight all the kids to use it. Its basically one big game, but he thinks its a real laptop and he loves to copy Bill when he is on his laptop working. Who knew $40 could buy so much happiness. (Thanks Grandma)

This was a present just from his daddy. I dont think he took it off the entire week. Yee-Haw!!

He had a good day and ate up all the attention. He loves money and his aunties and uncles made him the happiest with that.

Tyson is the funniest kid. He is such a daddy's boy and wants to be just like him. Its no wonder because his Dad spoils him rotten. Bill and Tyson have so much in common. They both LOVE attention and get cranky when the spotlight isnt on them, they both have the Tongan temper, they love sports, and they both love to watch TV. Its so cute!!

Tyson is a fiesty little thing. He wants to do everything himself but gets frusterated if he cant do it the first time. He is going to be my kid that grows up too fast because he wants to do everyting the adults do. He also a sweet side to him-especially when it comes to his baby sister. He loves to learn and I know he is going to be a quick learner in school. He is a good friend and such a good brother (as long as you dont touch HIS toys)

Tyson has such a contagious smile. He is hard to be mad at because he will flash his big smile and it makes me crack up. He is witty and his sense of humor kills me. He says the funniest things. For example, yesterday he told Bill "when you go to a scary movie with a girl it means you are dating." The kids were watching Drake and Josh and thats what he picked up. So funny. He is always so matter of fact-like he knows it all. I just cant imagine where he picks that up from. Hmm...

We love Tyson so much are so blessed to have him in our family.

4TH of July

We were still at the cabin for the fourth, so instead of driving all the way in for a show, we had our own show. We bought a big pack of fireworks from Costco and then Tusi brought a massive "finale" type pack. The kids loved it and had so much fun.

The kids were mesmerized.

The guys were in heaven lighting all the fireworks. Anything to play with fire I guess. I was just glad no one got anything blown off-almost (Braden), but a pretty uneventful night.

Even Sandy joined in the fun!

This is the closest thing to a family 4th picture I could get at 10:30 at night-a bunch of overstimulated, overtired kids. Gotta love it!

I about had a heart attack watching Noah light these massive fireworks. I had to look away. Im a way bigger wuss than i thought. Im kinda disapointed in myself.

The pictures are a little out of order, but before the fireworks, we played a rousing game of volleyball. I must say we arent the most athletic family, but we are competitive so that always makes for a fun game.

I attempted to take some pictures, but I couldnt get Noahs attention and Tyson refused to put on his shirt-so what are you gonna do-it wasnt worth the trouble. The ones I did take turned out OK. Maybe I will photoshop Noah in there somewhere.

Caleb is one protective brother. He is so loving with her and he is always watching out for her wherever she goes. I think any guy that even thinks of dating her will have to answer to Caleb

The video game machine was a hit with all the kids-Avery thought she could play. She sure could climb up the stool.

Lomu Family Reunion 2008

Its not often that the ENTIRE Lomu family is together, so we look foward to this yearly reunion all year. We spent an entire week in the mountains at my sister in laws family cabin. It was so much fun. There is so much to do and the kids are occupied non stop. This year we had an explosion of babys and there were kids everywhere. We had 20 kids and added 6 more when the cousins came for a few days. They were in heaven with the slushie machine outside-we went through about 30 2-liters in 2 days filling up that thing.

This was a typical scene in the kitchen-kids eating ALL day-in and out of the pantry.

Cousin Sam, along with Jonah and Lingi, attmepted to teach the kids the Haka. The only thing they picked up was the scream!

This is pretty much where the adults hung out as well. There is nothing like shoving your face with good conversation.

The awsome aunties put together this amazing carnival for the kids-prizes and all. They always go way above and beyond for the kids. I guess thats why they are the favorites!!
Here are the kids-not so patiently waiting- for the fun to begin.

The master of ceramonies-also known as "T"

Sweet Mason. I loved how this picture turned out so I just had to include it. He has the sweetest little face.

Caleb had fun just watching all that was going on. He didnt want to participate and he was happy just watching from the sidelines...until he realized that he needed tickets to get prizes. That seemed to motivate him.

Sam took charge at the obstacle course

Lani had fun getting her face painted. She loves looking cute as she so boyishly spits everywhere she goes.

Im not sure why, but Noah was the only one who wanted to do the "put your face in the flour" game. I forget what the purpose of the game was, but it was funny!!

The beloved "Prize Table"

They did such a good job with these prizes-the kids were in HEAVEN

Avery wasnt too interested in what was going on until they broke out the bubble machine-she was all over that.

Cowboy Tyson got this hat for his birthday and didnt take it off the whole week

This little handsome guy is the cutest thing-I had to throw a picture of him in here. He was so funny. I miss all these little kids so much

Avery the wanderer. She didnt care if anyone was around, she did what she wanted and when she wanted. We dont call her monkey for nothing-she can climb on anything and she usually does.

I think Claire tried to blow up this balloon for like an hour. Finally her daddy came to the rescue and she was so happy-until Avery popped it about a minute later.

I think Barb had the hardest time of anyone there. Her little shadow Sophie was on her like glue-she wasnt quite sure about all these people. She has the absolute funniest personality of any kid ive ever met. She is so smart. After a while, she was loving hangin out with everyone and didnt want to miss a moment-she refused to go to bed if anyone was awake. I think she kept Barb and Blake up till 1 or 2 every night.

How can you be this sad one minute...

Then this happy the next. Gotta love girls.

This is her "Cheesy" face. Im so glad I got it on camera. She is becoming quite the ham.

Sophie got a candy bracelet and had it in her mouth all day. Every picture I took of her on this day, she had her wrist in her mouth-so funny.

Who needs a bathroom-weve got nature and an audience of about 50 people. Caleb has no shame. When you gotta go, you gotta go!!

Such a sweetie. I love those blue eyes.

Ana, the babysitter and the massuese. She is so cute-she made a sign up sheet for massages and she gave all the girls foot rubs, shoulder rubs-the works. She even threw in a nice visual story to relax you. Hey Ana, lay off the Fabio novels.

Poor T. All that work and what does she get? Soaked!! She is such a good sport.

Such a fun trip. Its been so hard being here in Utah because I feel like im missing out on all these kids growing up and we dont get to see eachother that much. Im counting down the days until the next vacation. Thanks guys for a fun week!!! Cant wait till next year!!