Gilbert Temple Grounds

Our Stake President had asked all the families in our stake to go down to the new temple grounds in GIlbert and take a picture of ourselves before they broke ground and then to take a picture after the temple is built.

We drove over there one day after church and snapped a few pics. My kids were getting so mad with all the photos, but it has been a while since I had taken any close ups of the kiddies. For not really planning, I think they turned out ok.

I love that Lani is holding a pack of gum. She is pretty obsessed with the new dessert gum. Gag.

I could take pictures of Avery all day long, and she would let me. This girl is all about the spotlight.

I LOVE these next two pictures of Avery.


Ty-bo, ty-bo, ty-bo. He is just like his daddy. He hates taking pictures and he tries to pull the "im too cook to smile" pose. Not happening. I had to bribe this boy for any chance of a smile.

I love my boys!! And I especially love the "cool" arms folded pose.

But unfortunatly, this is pretty much how the photo session was.


I love the farmland in this pic. Its such a pretty spot for a temple. I cant wait!!

More of Avery, but these totally show her personality.

Cute and sweet when she wants to be.

And silly and sassy!!

Now this boy just melts my heart.
Look at that face!!

He is one of the only 2 kids that will still cuddle with me.

Love this kid!!

Sweet Lani lou. This girl was giving me all sorts of sas. She was loving posing it up

These pictures make her look so old and grown up.

This is seriously the ONLY picture that Noah would stand for.
What a handsome boy!

Me and my girls!!
(ignore the nasty hair. It has since been cut and dyed black...hate the curl. Thanks chemo!)

My boys!!

Bill is gonna be so pissed that I put these pics on here, but I think he looks so handsome. This pic is seriously one of my favorites.

Love my family!!

I cant wait to see us in 2 years!

Fall Sports

We did a few sports this fall. This was seriously my first experience in being the super crazy soccer mom. My kids have all done sports, just not at the same time. We had 3 kids in the same league, 3 different sports and practices all on the same day and pretty close to the same time. I came to hate Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We did luck out with the Saturday games-only one Saturday did we have to ask Grandma to go to a game because they were all at the same time. Crazy, but so worth it to see them grow and shine.

Lani tried volleyball this time and she did awesome!

Her strong point was the serve.

This girls got mad power!!

 I thought for sure she would want to stick with the volleyball for a bit, but her best friend has talked her into soccer, so we shall see what the spring brings!!

Caleb did coach pitch this time. I think he has pretty much mastered this sport. He is ready for the big leagues!!
 He is about the cutest little bball player I have ever seen

Look at that toosh.
(my favorite picture EVER!!)

Caleb was so fun to watch. I love watching him not even try. This boy just has the natural sports talent. He is good at pretty much any sport he has ever tried. He gets that from his mama!!
Caleb has decided that he wants to do flag football in the spring. Much more exciting for me!!

Tyson did flag football. Im pretty sure this will be the one and only sport he ever does...he is obsessed!! And to be honest, so am I. There is just something so exciting about watching him play. He is focused and he tries so hard and he just loves what he is doing.

I love how he knows what he wants and he sticks to it.

The boys are going to be starting playing football together this spring and I cant wait!! Bill wants Tyson to play tackle football so bad and I soooo dont want to start down that road yet. We settled on 8 years old and he turns 8 this summer, so this is his last time in flag. I hate when they start to grow up.

Darn those kids!!

My Birthday

I had a birthday...
in September.
It wasnt much of a birthday since I was drugged up and totally out of it. But my family still made it special for me.

I had another surgery to fix my radiated boob. In short, they took a nice piece of skin and muscle from my back and replaced some of the radiated skin, to give the implants a little more room and shape. It was a horrible surgery and im glad its over.

I had a little hospital stay and came home on my birthday. My sweet kids had decorated my room and and I had a few visitors that brought me such nice things. It was a good day!!

(ignore the stacking, we are crammed)

One of the things I loved best was when Avery would come and snuggle with me. I came home before the kids were home from school and Avery wanted to hang out with me. I couldnt hold her or move at all, so she curled up on my leg and fell asleep. It was the best!!!