I dont know what is happening to me, but I think I have lost my zest for blogging. Dont get me wrong, I love it...at night I sit and wish that I had the brains to write funny, witty posts or to write things that would be helpful to others, but the truth is...I just dont have it in me. I still love to read blogs and I still stalk lots and lots of blogs, but my poor blog just sits..so lonely and sad. I think one of the reasons is that I am camera-less. That sucks. I have missed so many cute and memorable moments. I left my new point and click camera in St George at a nail salon and I had to have my Bro-in-law pick it up. The only problem is he lives in Utah. Bummer. And I am way too paranoid to have it mailed because there are some precious pics on that camera. Disneyland being one of them and if I lost those pics I would be devestated. So, I will just wait paitently for them to come visit (Please come soon!!) My other camera, my baby, is broken. Well, not really broken, but the flash is broken and it just isnt performing. So until that gets fixed, I have nothing. I have attempted to take some pictures with it, but they are dark and blurry and not very appealing. I feel like I have missed so much this past year. My kids are so big and doing so much and I have missed it all. Im mourning, cant you tell!! I have done a few things on my own with no kids (which were all pure heaven and so much fun!!) and I will just have to steal some pics from everyone elses blogs and facebook pages..im just warning you ahead of time girls! One of these days, I will get my crap together and get that done, but in the meantime, you will just have to put up with my randomness =)

Anyway, things have still been going on even though we are totally boring and not really in to much. We took a break from sports and it has been really nice to just relax and not rush from here to there. Noah is in piano and that is about it. But my poor kids are not ones to relax, they are so full of energy and need an outlet. I love summer...most of the time. They will swim and swim and swim some more. Now if only we had a pool!

Noah has had a few things happen to him this month that we are so proud of. Mr smartie pants worked so hard this school year and recieved straight A's...in his regular classes and in ALP. This was his first year in ALP, and it was tough for him at first, but he quickly overcame it and soared right through. He received a Golden Scholar award at school, but unfortunatly couldnt attend the ceremony due to another event. He had to pick which one to go to and he picked scouts. And that brings me to his next achievment. Noah received his Arrow of Light award in cub scouts and crossed over to big boy scouts. He will be 11 next week. We are so proud on Noah and all the hard work that he put in to get these awards. He is such a good kid and we just love his guts!!

Everything else is going good. Cancer related, I feel good. The girls are healing and setteling nicely...small, but nice. I still have one more surgery to deal with, but I will put that off for a few months. The break has been nice. I only have about 3 more months left of Herceptin, thats only like 5 treatments left. I will be so excited to be done with those and with surgery and put this whole crap behind me.
We are currently looking for a house to rent until we can figure out where we want to be because we do not want to move anymore, our poor kids. It would be nice to be settled for a change. So spread the word and please let us know if you know of anyone trying to rent their house!!

In other super important news, I am now a blonde. I love it and sometimes wonder why I ever left. But with the way my moods swing, I will be wishing I was dark before you know it. However, I am loving it right now. I figured you would all want to know and im all about sharing, so there ya go!

So summer is close at hand and I seriously have no plans and I am in desperate need of some ideas. I would love to hear any ideas that any of you may have. And im all about free!!!

Such a random post, but it feels good to write on here. Ok, so maybe I still have some zest, but the brains, those are still missing. Sorry!!