Fun in the Sun

Caleb hated the water, so this is pretty much what he did the WHOLE time. He loved it.
Right by where we stayed there is this little harbor with a bunch of little resturaunts and a yummy ice cream shop.
Avery loved being outside but didnt like getting her feet wet.

Tyson, Eli and Caleb had fun digging holes
Noah learned how to boogie board and loved every minute of it. He has a natural talent for things like this. I dont think he got out of the water the whole week.
We had so much fun in Oceanside with the Lomus. This was the kids first beach trip and I think we will make this a yearly thing. We had the best time hangin out and gettin some sun. We ate good food and had fun chillin with the Fam that we dont get to see since we moved. Its so relaxing to be on the beach with the cool weather and the sound of the water. We walked down the peir and watched the fisherman catch fish and even saw a shovelhead shark. The kids had so much fun. Im still finding sand!!!

Dressed in White

Can I just say what an awesome feeling it is to watch your first born being baptized by his Dad, watching him become clean and pure and recieving the Holy Ghost. I never could have imagined it would feel like this. I was happy and sad and so proud of my little sweet Noah for making the decison to be baptized. He is growing up and that is the sad part. When he came out of the dressing room, he look so old and grown up and so handsome. It was such an awesome day. My parents and sister and her family and Bills mom and neice Ana were able to come and it was so nice to have our parents there. We had a fun weekend of hanging out and enjoying eachother. After the baptism, my Dad made his yummy bbq and we ate, ate and then ate some more. It really was just a beautiful day.

The cousins
With Grandma and Grandad
Silly cousins. We loved having you come visit. Please come back soon!!!

Better late than not

Im about a month late, but here are some of our fourth of July pictures. We had such a fun day. Its so much better when its not 117 outside, we actually got to enjoy the day. We went to the Park City Parade, saw a movie (ratatouie(sp?)), and then saw the fireworks. The kids were so tired by the end of the day, but definatly worth it.

Someone doesnt like fireworks!!!


Im officially a NERD!!!

I will totally admit it-I am a NERD!! I love our new city and all that, but im the youngest by far,in my ward, probably by about 6-10 years. So, I havent really made any friends yet. I have been dying to see Harry Potter and we dont know anyone yet to babysit, so I went and saw the movie ALL BY MYSELF. I know, I know-total dork. And yes I will be in line tonight at midnight to get the new book. I love Harry Potter and am so obsessed. We are going to Oceanside this weekend and I cant wait to sit on the beach and read, read, read. If I didnt get so carsick, then I would read in the car. I am so behind on posting-I still have been so busy that I havent had time. Hopefully after this vacation I will be able to catch up. Noah got baptized last weekend and I still have 4th of July pictures and lots more random pics. I hope everyone is having a good summer. Only 4 more weeks until school starts. YEA!!!!


Its tooth fairy time

Yea for Lani!!! She finally lost her first tooth-and just a couple weeks past her 6th birthday. She has been dying because all her friends have lost teeth and her darned tooth was loose, but it just wasnt falling out. Dad put some floss around the tooth and yanked it out. Lani was so tough. The tooth fairy came and left some money under her pillow and Lani was so excited in the moring that I heard a scream come from her room at about 6:30 in the morning. Congrats Lani on your first tooth!!!

Love the dirty face.


Happy Bithday Noah!!

It is Birthday time at the Lomu house. Noah kicks off the summer birthdays-then 2 weeks later its Lani's and then 2 weeks later its Tysons. Fun times. It has just taken me forever to post the birthday pics because of the move and all that, but here they are. This was a special birthday for Noah because he turned 8. I cant even believe I have a child who is 8-that is so old and makes me feel old(even though I am only 29 for a few more months) I am so proud of this kid. He is the smartest little bugger. He knows more than me and if he asks me a question that I dont know the answer to (which,if you know Noah and his deep, indepth questions, is pretty much all the time) he will ask his dad or look it up on the internet and then he tells me all about it. He loves space and math and he loves to build and create things. He also loves riding his bike and playing with his new ramp and doing any dare-devil thing he can find. Its amazing that he has not had any broken bones (knock on wood). He loves video games and reading and playing on the computer. He likes to do just about everything except play sports (sorry Bill). We just love him so much and are so proud of him. Happy Birthday Noah!!

We let the kids pick their birthday breakfast and Noah loves mickey mouse pancakes.

Noah has been dying for this ramp. This is his "air" jump.

Thanks Grandma and Grandad for the cool new bike. Its so fast and doesnt fall apart.

We dont have a pool, but I think this is the next best thing; playing in the sprinklers!!!

Happy Birthday Lani!!

Our sweet princess is 6. Its crazy how fast they grow. Lani is such a sweet girl. She is always so concerned about others and she always has something nice to say. We can be anywhere and she will make a friend. She is the mommy of all my kids and she sure lets you know it. She loves to play dress up, play with makeup,play with dolls, but she also likes to get dirty and act just like her brothers. We love you Lani-lu.

Happy Birthday Tyson!!

I cannot believe that my sweet tybo is 4. We had a fun birthday party at a cool park that had water fountains that the kids could play in. As you can see, he is a little obsessed with spiderman. He got a costume and he hasnt taken it off since. He also got a scooter with spiderman on it and a cool car and his favorite-better batter baseball-which broke the second we took it out of the box. (isnt that the way it always goes)

If you look real close, you can see that this cake has purple and blue flowers on it. Being the scatter brain that I am, I forgot the cake and this was all they had at costco. I dont think he cared too much.
Tyson is such a happy boy. He makes me and his daddy laugh so hard. He has such a witty little personality and it just amamzes me the things that come out of his mouth. He is so sweet to his little baby sister and even though he gets pounded on daily by Caleb, he never wants to fight. Tyson loves to play sports with his Daddy and he loves to ride his bike and scooter. We just love this little guy. Happy Birthday Tybo!!

I need a new computer!!!

For some strange, odd reason, I cant post any pictures. I have soooo many pictures to post and im getting so mad that I cant post any. Sorry that nothing has been new in a while-but hopefully I can get this taken care of. Things are going good up here. The weather is so nice and we have really been enjoying ourselves outside. Noah gets baptized this weekend and some family is coming for that and im way excited to see them. I forgot how hard it was to be away from family that im used to seeing all the time. The kids really miss their grandparents and cousins. My houes is almost unpacked. I have a few more boxes and then its time to decorate. The thing about this house is that there really isnt a whole lot of wall space to hang things-which I guess is a good thing because I dont have any decorations to begin with. Anyway I will hopefully figure out my computer problem and get it taken care of so I can post some of our cool pics of this fun city. Bye for now.



This is our new place. Its an actual log cabin. The inside walls are logs-everything is logs. Its different thats for sure, but the kids love it and we have more room and we really like our neighborhood and our new ward. The worst part is the driveway-its a total hill. This winter is going to suck snow big time. Our neighbors told us to get a snow blower and lots of salt. Good fun, im cold already.