Back to School...Back to School

I both love and hate this day. I really do like being on a schedule, but I LOVE not being on a schedule. I love sleeping in, I love staying up late and so do the kids. But seriously, by this time, I am ready to have a schedule. The kids are bored and fighting and I am losing my mind. So bittersweet I guess.

Noah, the big 7th grader

Oh help me! I cant believe I have a child old enough for jr. high. I remember everything about jr high. It was such a big year for me and I know it will be for him too. He has a pretty full schedule this year with all honors classes, A-hour (EARLY) and orchestra. This will be a tough year for him, but he is a good kid and I think he can handle it. I think he is going to have some major xbox withdrawls though.

Oh Caleb, my sweet 1st grader

The elementary crew! Avery isnt going to pre school this year-she gets to stay at home with me-she is so happy! But she still jumped in for a pic, she does not like to be left out!

Tyson-the tough 3rd grader

Tyson got a great teacher this year, but not one of his friends is in his class. He is pretty bummed about that, but hopefully he will make some new ones!
This kid is so fashion concious. He was so stressed about what to wear today-but I think he looked pretty cute =)

Lani-the sweet 5th grader
She got an awesome teacher this year! She doesnt really have many friends in this class and she sits next to a girl who apparantly hates her-so she was a little nervous this morning. I just told her that a lot can be forgotten over the summer-so hopefully she will have a good day today.

Tyson asked if I would take a picture of him and Caleb-so cute. I love the relationship that these two have-makes my little heart happy!

I snapped a quick pic of Lani on her way to class. She ran to her side of the playground the second we got to school. Looks like she is getting to cool to be seen with her lame parents

I could tell that this little dude was starting to get nervous. He kept clinging to Bill and me. I noticed he was trying to keep the tears back. We couldnt find his glassed at home and I think that started the bad morning. Back when he was younger, he had some crazy separation anxiety. When he started preschool, it was pretty bad, but over the course of 2 years he did great and seemed to be over it. The preschool was awesome and helped him through it. When he went to kindergarten, he didnt have any problems at all.
Not so with the start of 1st grade...

When we went to drop him off, he started crying and wouldnt let us leave. I was so suprised that he would act like this. His poor hands were shaking and he just kept saying that he didnt feel good. It would have been so easy to just grab him and take him home-it just breaks my heart. But, we just gave him a hug and told him to it was going to be fine...

Oh, and bribe him with a new bb-gun (that was daddys doing). Whatever works I guess =)

Now its just me, Avery and a project list a mile long. Cant wait to get my house in order and FINALLY finish unpacking!!

Happy new school year!!