Princess party

We always know were in for a good time when the Lutui's are throwing a party. And we were not disapointed.

Melanani turned 4 and she had a princess party. Ponies, princesses, dress up, bouncehouses and so much more. My kids were in heaven!

Averys first pony ride

Pure heaven!

Avery and the birthday girl

Did I fail to mention the cinderella carriage rides

Avery's pretty princess dress up and magic hair complete with fairy wings

Caleb decided to take a spin on the pony too.

So much good food, Caleb couldnt decide. Ice cream, chicken...why not both!!

Lani and her pretty, pretty pink hair

Cant have too many pictures of this sweet girl

Jasmine even came to the party

I had to remind Avery quite a few times that there were no ponies or princesses coming to her party.
Such a fun night!!!

no school day

Im a little behind on my blog, so im trying to catch up. Bare with me

The kids had a day off of school, but my hubby still had to work. So it was up to me to entertain them for the day. Soooo, we went bowling!! I even brought some of the neighbor kids along...just for fun

It was actually a fun day. The kids loved it. I thought it would be crazy, but they took turns, and cheered eachother on.

Look at that form on Tybo and the other kiddos...

Avery was hilarious. She didnt want the metal thing that you roll your ball down, she wanted to do it all by herself, like a big girl.

Caleb, taking his time, carefully analyizing the situation

This picture cracks me up. Such drama!!

Super fun day with some super fun kids!!


Haloween this year was pretty low key. Truth be told, I HATE halloween. There I said it. I really, really do. So many parties, dressing up a million times before the actual day and all the crap that comes with it. BUT, since I have 5 kids who absolutly LOVE the day, I have no choice but to go along with it all. I know that there will come a day where they will think dressing up is lame and I just need to enjoy it right now while I can still dress them up and make them take pictures.

The funnest part of the holiday is the pumpkin carving. This is Bills area and he just LOVEs it. He had this great idea to make a snowman pumpkin. It was perfect. No fighting over who got to carve. Each kid got a turn at spray painting and each kid felt like they took part in it all. I think this needs to be a new holiday tradition...at least until they can do it on there own. (2 down 3 to go)

Scary black pumpkin snowman

The finished product!!! Pretty darn scary!!

And this is what happens when its 100 degrees at Halloween time. Our poor pumpkin snowman melted, he melted.
The cool thing about this year is that I didnt spend one penny on costumes. I told them that they could pull out the bin and wear whatever they could find...and thats exactly what they did.

Our first party was the ward party. So much fun, the kids always have a blast.

Lani had borrowed a costume for an activity so she just chose to wear that one and make it a little more interesting. She is a dead hippie.

Avery had been dying to wear this costume since last year. Its still a bit big, but I just pinned it up a bit at it was fine...for a bit. I guess im not the best sewer. Im sure she will be wearing it  next year too. Hopefully it will fit her by then.

My brother and sister also came with their kids.
Jonas and Tyler playing the cupcake game

Tyson, the Ghostbuster. Such a handsome little ghost fighter.

Finny the spider. Isnt this costume adorable!! My sis in law Jackie made this. She is crazy talented.

So dang cute!!

Lani, Tybo, Abby(our 6th child) and Noah the dark faced, scary, something. Phantom maybe??

Getting the faces painted

The finished product. I love this picture of her-she looks like a mouse with her big brown eyes

Yikes!! The "scary" triplets

Super yikes!!

Jonas and Finn.

Caleb looks a bit terrified, maybe its the spider crawling on his face.

One last picture of all the crazies

All the kids had halloween parties on the same day. I got to spend the whole day with the kids at school. It was a pretty fun day.

Calebs class had a little carnival with a bunch of different games. I got to man the rings booth and I had a sweet little helper in a polka dot dress.

Caleb and his friend pretty much stayed at the rings with me the whole time.

When he did finally branch out, he took a little turn at the gunny sack races.

And Avery, being as tall as most of the kindergardners, just acted like she belonged and played some games herself.

Loved the hula hoop game the best

Thats my little man

Then back inside for some fun crafts. I had to cut it short so I could hop on over to Tysons class

When I walked into Tys class, I was one of like 30 parents there to help. I almost left and went back to Calebs class, but im glad I stayed. It was a fun party.

Pin the tail on the donkey

Handsome dude

Getting ready for the whipped cream, worm eating contest


Winner, winner!!

Next was the "dress the mummy" game.

Wouldnt be a party without some face painting

I dont know how this pic got out of order, but it was too cute to not share.
I caught him chattin up his crush. Now thats some deep eye connection. Ahhh, young love!!

Now back to Ty's party...
Playin some halloween twister

Tysons got some moves!!!

Now on to the actual day of Halloween-well I guess the day before since it was on Sunday this year. These two decided to take a little cat nap to get ready for the big night. So sweet!

We did feed the kids before they filled up on candy and what nots

Lani was such a big girl this year. She didnt want any help from me getting ready. She did her own makeup and hair. She did pretty good and I must admit it was nice not having to makeup and hair all the kids.

I talked Avery into switching costumes since her snow white was a bit big. She was Tinkerbell last year, but shes too young to know that(or care). I loved how happy she was because she new she looked so cute. Last year she was terrified to go out, so this year was fun because she was actually excited.

Caleb was a skeleton. There were a lot of those this year.

Ty the ghostbuster. Its a pretty dirty job!!

And Noah was a no faced, phantom of some sort. He just liked the costume because it was scary looking. Its sad because this was his last year of trick or treating. Next year, he'll be walking around with his friends annoying everyone else and thinking hes funny. Good times.

Jonas an Finn, back for another round

Jake and Tyler joined the party too. It was fun having most of the grankids go out together

The whole scarey crew

My scarey crew.
Not so scary

On Sunday, we didnt do the trick or treating thing so we all just sat outside together and passed out candy. The boys took turns wearing this costume and standing on the wall. They really thought they were so dark, no one knew they were there and they could scare them.

Oh and lets not forget scary black spidy

We had a little fire pit in the front. The smoke just added to the scare factor

Fun times for Halloween. Cant wait till next year!!
(ok, so maybe i can)