I really love the holidays. Spending time with family, cooking, and just hanging out!
This year, my sister Stacy was able to come with her family. We LOVE when they get to come.

The BIG kids table!!

I took a picture of each one my kids just for fun, cause I love taking pictures



(he was going through a little hair phase where he thought combing it all down in the front was cool. You win some, you lose some. I lost this one)



And I just had to document this special occasions. Noah actually started doing the dishes all by himself, not one person asked him. I had to wipe a tear and take a picture because I knew it wouldnt happen again. (and it hasnt)

I really didnt take very many pictures, too busy eating I guess. But I thought I would throw in a few of the ones of family that I did have.
Jackie, my sis-in-law

Debbie (sis-in-law) and Maddy (niece)

Like I said before, I love holidays, but I also dread them. We have both sides of the family here, which means 2 of everything. 2 dinners, 2 houses, running from one to the next, missing out on so much. We tried the Thanksgiving at my house, Christmas at yours thing but we couldnt do it. We wanted to be at both, even if it meant missing out on a few things

This year, our Utah family were both here. Scott and Andrea come every year and Ben and Michelle were able to come this year which equals lots of kids and tons of fun!!

We always do a little talent show after dinner. The kids come up with all kinds of hilarious, random talents. I love watching what these kids come up with

Sunny sang the little mermaid song

Eli told jokes in a donald duck voice. Hilarious.

Noah played the piano

Avery chickend out. But she sure looked cute in her dress up

Mason said some Nacho Libre movie lines. So freaking funny!

I forgot what Drew did, but he sure is cute!!

Sophie did a little dance from her dance class

And that sparked a huge dance party. We put on some music and the kids danced and danced!

And danced...

And danced. These kids are dang funny!

Even the boys got in on it!

The kids were tired and then we started to clean up. It got really quiet and this is how we found the kids...watching the Simpsons. Nice huh? The perfect cartoon for little kids.

I love my family and I really do love the times we get to spend with eachother, especially the ones that live away from us. Even if we are running back and forth...so worth it!!

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