Man Down

It took 12 years, but it finally happened...our families first broken bone.
Ty-bo, our super intense sports fanatic, twisted his ankle jumping for a ball at football practice. He is way overdramatic, so we just thought he was being a baby.(gold star parenting...I know!) I iced it when he got home and sent him to bed. The next morning, he couldnt even walk on it. He stayed home from school and I took him to urgent care. I was shocked to hear it was broken. The Dr. at our local urgent care, which we frequent quite often, is kindof aloof, so I really didnt get much info out of him. He tried his darndest to explain about growth plates and what not, but the jist was it was fractured and he needed to see an orthopedic. We were sent on our way with an air cast. Bill found some crutches at DI and he rigged them the best he could so they were useable. They were a bit small, but they did the trick. I couldnt get an appt. until a week later, so he was stuck with the air cast that had already broke by day 3. He was walking on it, and playing around like it was no big thing. I figured that since he was kindof mobile on it, that it wouldnt be that bad and that maybe he wouldnt even need a cast.
The dang kid broke it right on the growth plate which is pretty tricky and requires a cast for 5 weeks. He cant put any weight on it for 2 weeks and will need crutches for those 2 weeks. After that, he will wear a boot on the cast for 3 weeks and he will be able to put some weight on it.
So, no football for him, which he is super bummed about. But this kid LOVES all the attention he gets. I mean LOVES it!

They have every color you could think of for a cast, but Tyson chose the black one. He is a bit obsessed with all things black. He will only wear black socks and black shoes. So naturally, this was the best choice.
And, he was able to get some crutches that fit him. His arm pits are soooo sore. I cant imagine 2 more weeks of this.

We got him a silver sharpie so his friends could sign it, but not before I got my hands on it. I signed the bottom so it would kind of be hidden...but not really =)

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Christa Johnson said...

oh man! The first break! We have yet to do that. It is always something else that ends us up in the Emergency room!
He is a super cute kiddo though and sports his cast well!
I think about you guys all the time. Stop by if you ever want to chat, I am usually here.
Love ya,