Bob the Elf

The day after Thanksgiving, Bob the Elf comes to visit the Lomu household. The kids talk about this for weeks and its one of their favorite parts of the Christmas season

This is Bob the Elf

Every night, he becomes alive and runs crazy around the house, doing all sorts of crazy things. During the day, he watches the kids and makes sure they are good.
Every morning, he is in a different place than the day before. He gets pretty creative.
Especially since his brother Elf, Buddy, lives in Utah with Scotts family. I think there is a serious compition between Bill and Scott, I mean the elfs, to see who can do the funniest thing. They take it very seriously!

Here are just a few crazy things Bob has done throughout the month of December:

Bob got into some trouble this night with the Transformers. Apparantly, they dont apprecaite being called names.

The kids chose a screwdriver for his weapon. Bob used it to open their battery packs and took out the batteries. He had some help from his good robot friend

Smart elf that one!

Bob the ladies man!

The night before, Bob ate one of the kids candy trains. He ended up with a sick tummy in the bathroom

Bill took the boys to the Cardinals Monday night game and Bob was a bit jealous.


We love our Elf on the Shelf. If you dont have one, I suggest you get one. They are the BEST!! Most of my kids dont really believe anymore so they arent worried that he is going to tell Santa the things they are doing, but if you still have little kids, this is the best tool for threats. Its awesome!

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LuLu said...

We have an elf named Jorge. He's pretty boring compared to Bob! I'm glad you posted this. You got me thinkin' Shelly :-)