Back to School...Back to School

I both love and hate this day. I really do like being on a schedule, but I LOVE not being on a schedule. I love sleeping in, I love staying up late and so do the kids. But seriously, by this time, I am ready to have a schedule. The kids are bored and fighting and I am losing my mind. So bittersweet I guess.

Noah, the big 7th grader

Oh help me! I cant believe I have a child old enough for jr. high. I remember everything about jr high. It was such a big year for me and I know it will be for him too. He has a pretty full schedule this year with all honors classes, A-hour (EARLY) and orchestra. This will be a tough year for him, but he is a good kid and I think he can handle it. I think he is going to have some major xbox withdrawls though.

Oh Caleb, my sweet 1st grader

The elementary crew! Avery isnt going to pre school this year-she gets to stay at home with me-she is so happy! But she still jumped in for a pic, she does not like to be left out!

Tyson-the tough 3rd grader

Tyson got a great teacher this year, but not one of his friends is in his class. He is pretty bummed about that, but hopefully he will make some new ones!
This kid is so fashion concious. He was so stressed about what to wear today-but I think he looked pretty cute =)

Lani-the sweet 5th grader
She got an awesome teacher this year! She doesnt really have many friends in this class and she sits next to a girl who apparantly hates her-so she was a little nervous this morning. I just told her that a lot can be forgotten over the summer-so hopefully she will have a good day today.

Tyson asked if I would take a picture of him and Caleb-so cute. I love the relationship that these two have-makes my little heart happy!

I snapped a quick pic of Lani on her way to class. She ran to her side of the playground the second we got to school. Looks like she is getting to cool to be seen with her lame parents

I could tell that this little dude was starting to get nervous. He kept clinging to Bill and me. I noticed he was trying to keep the tears back. We couldnt find his glassed at home and I think that started the bad morning. Back when he was younger, he had some crazy separation anxiety. When he started preschool, it was pretty bad, but over the course of 2 years he did great and seemed to be over it. The preschool was awesome and helped him through it. When he went to kindergarten, he didnt have any problems at all.
Not so with the start of 1st grade...

When we went to drop him off, he started crying and wouldnt let us leave. I was so suprised that he would act like this. His poor hands were shaking and he just kept saying that he didnt feel good. It would have been so easy to just grab him and take him home-it just breaks my heart. But, we just gave him a hug and told him to it was going to be fine...

Oh, and bribe him with a new bb-gun (that was daddys doing). Whatever works I guess =)

Now its just me, Avery and a project list a mile long. Cant wait to get my house in order and FINALLY finish unpacking!!

Happy new school year!!


Man Down

It took 12 years, but it finally happened...our families first broken bone.
Ty-bo, our super intense sports fanatic, twisted his ankle jumping for a ball at football practice. He is way overdramatic, so we just thought he was being a baby.(gold star parenting...I know!) I iced it when he got home and sent him to bed. The next morning, he couldnt even walk on it. He stayed home from school and I took him to urgent care. I was shocked to hear it was broken. The Dr. at our local urgent care, which we frequent quite often, is kindof aloof, so I really didnt get much info out of him. He tried his darndest to explain about growth plates and what not, but the jist was it was fractured and he needed to see an orthopedic. We were sent on our way with an air cast. Bill found some crutches at DI and he rigged them the best he could so they were useable. They were a bit small, but they did the trick. I couldnt get an appt. until a week later, so he was stuck with the air cast that had already broke by day 3. He was walking on it, and playing around like it was no big thing. I figured that since he was kindof mobile on it, that it wouldnt be that bad and that maybe he wouldnt even need a cast.
The dang kid broke it right on the growth plate which is pretty tricky and requires a cast for 5 weeks. He cant put any weight on it for 2 weeks and will need crutches for those 2 weeks. After that, he will wear a boot on the cast for 3 weeks and he will be able to put some weight on it.
So, no football for him, which he is super bummed about. But this kid LOVES all the attention he gets. I mean LOVES it!

They have every color you could think of for a cast, but Tyson chose the black one. He is a bit obsessed with all things black. He will only wear black socks and black shoes. So naturally, this was the best choice.
And, he was able to get some crutches that fit him. His arm pits are soooo sore. I cant imagine 2 more weeks of this.

We got him a silver sharpie so his friends could sign it, but not before I got my hands on it. I signed the bottom so it would kind of be hidden...but not really =)


Bob the Elf

The day after Thanksgiving, Bob the Elf comes to visit the Lomu household. The kids talk about this for weeks and its one of their favorite parts of the Christmas season

This is Bob the Elf

Every night, he becomes alive and runs crazy around the house, doing all sorts of crazy things. During the day, he watches the kids and makes sure they are good.
Every morning, he is in a different place than the day before. He gets pretty creative.
Especially since his brother Elf, Buddy, lives in Utah with Scotts family. I think there is a serious compition between Bill and Scott, I mean the elfs, to see who can do the funniest thing. They take it very seriously!

Here are just a few crazy things Bob has done throughout the month of December:

Bob got into some trouble this night with the Transformers. Apparantly, they dont apprecaite being called names.

The kids chose a screwdriver for his weapon. Bob used it to open their battery packs and took out the batteries. He had some help from his good robot friend

Smart elf that one!

Bob the ladies man!

The night before, Bob ate one of the kids candy trains. He ended up with a sick tummy in the bathroom

Bill took the boys to the Cardinals Monday night game and Bob was a bit jealous.


We love our Elf on the Shelf. If you dont have one, I suggest you get one. They are the BEST!! Most of my kids dont really believe anymore so they arent worried that he is going to tell Santa the things they are doing, but if you still have little kids, this is the best tool for threats. Its awesome!


I really love the holidays. Spending time with family, cooking, and just hanging out!
This year, my sister Stacy was able to come with her family. We LOVE when they get to come.

The BIG kids table!!

I took a picture of each one my kids just for fun, cause I love taking pictures



(he was going through a little hair phase where he thought combing it all down in the front was cool. You win some, you lose some. I lost this one)



And I just had to document this special occasions. Noah actually started doing the dishes all by himself, not one person asked him. I had to wipe a tear and take a picture because I knew it wouldnt happen again. (and it hasnt)

I really didnt take very many pictures, too busy eating I guess. But I thought I would throw in a few of the ones of family that I did have.
Jackie, my sis-in-law

Debbie (sis-in-law) and Maddy (niece)

Like I said before, I love holidays, but I also dread them. We have both sides of the family here, which means 2 of everything. 2 dinners, 2 houses, running from one to the next, missing out on so much. We tried the Thanksgiving at my house, Christmas at yours thing but we couldnt do it. We wanted to be at both, even if it meant missing out on a few things

This year, our Utah family were both here. Scott and Andrea come every year and Ben and Michelle were able to come this year which equals lots of kids and tons of fun!!

We always do a little talent show after dinner. The kids come up with all kinds of hilarious, random talents. I love watching what these kids come up with

Sunny sang the little mermaid song

Eli told jokes in a donald duck voice. Hilarious.

Noah played the piano

Avery chickend out. But she sure looked cute in her dress up

Mason said some Nacho Libre movie lines. So freaking funny!

I forgot what Drew did, but he sure is cute!!

Sophie did a little dance from her dance class

And that sparked a huge dance party. We put on some music and the kids danced and danced!

And danced...

And danced. These kids are dang funny!

Even the boys got in on it!

The kids were tired and then we started to clean up. It got really quiet and this is how we found the kids...watching the Simpsons. Nice huh? The perfect cartoon for little kids.

I love my family and I really do love the times we get to spend with eachother, especially the ones that live away from us. Even if we are running back and forth...so worth it!!